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Nightmare of frustration after store purchase

I'm writing to tell you about the experience I've had since I made the mistake of purchasing at Best Buy. I thought I had a great in-store experience but found out later that the salesman lied. Here is the one-star review I posted on


I haven't even had the opportunity to use my new washer and dryer yet. This rating is for the overall ineptitude of Best Buy and their inability to get things right.


I purchased a new washer and dryer plus a washer for my mom to the tune of $1,800. Deliveries to two different addresses. That will figure in later. Washer delivery to my mom goes off without a hitch. Then I am supposed to receive delivery of my washer and dryer set. What I get instead is a massive group of problems and screw-ups.


Problem #1
The salesman lied to me. At the time of purchase I was asked if I wanted to buy a cord for my dryer. I asked, "Doesn't it come with a cord?" Salesman answers, "Yes, but if you need a special cord other than the one normally found in homes for the dryer you would need to buy one." OK, my place has a normal 3 prong dryer plug, I don't need a special cord. I don't buy one. Delivery day arrives. NO CORD IS BROUGHT FOR MY DRYER AT ALL. Delivery guy informs me that you always have to buy a cord no matter what. I'm not happy but the delivery guy isn't the one who lied to me. I say go ahead and bring in the dryer, I'll deal with the cord situation.


Problem #2
Dryer comes out of the truck with a huge dent in the side. I refuse the dryer. Delivery guy says he will reschedule delivery for me. I'm not happy but I don't want a damaged dryer. Dryer goes back in the truck. Stay tuned to find out whether the delivery guy kept his promise to reschedule for me.


Problem #3
Again, the salesman lied to me. I was asked at time of purchase if I wanted to buy hoses for my washer. I ask, "Doesn't it come with hoses?" Salesman says yes it does, but if I want the delivery guys to install the hoses for me I have to buy special hoses. I don't need them to screw the hoses onto the taps for me and turn on the water so I decline to buy special hoses. Washer arrives. NO HOSES AT ALL come with the washer. I'm not happy but it's not the delivery guy's fault. I accept the washer but I can't use it.


I get on the phone with Best Buy customer service and speak to a really nice guy who gives me the special hoses and schedules installation free of charge. I believe I have that problem resolved. I don't.


Problem #4
Remember when I said I purchased products to be delivered to two different addresses? The day of the hose installation arrives. I get a call that they will arrive in 20 minutes. I wait. Over an hour later I call the delivery driver and ask where they are. They took the hoses to my mom's house, the other address on my original purchase, and installed them there. So she already had a working washer and now has brand new metal lined hoses that she didn't need. I still can't use my washer at all and have no dryer. I get on the phone with customer service and am told that nothing can be done until the drivers get back to the warehouse and update the order. So I have to call back later.


Meantime, I've heard nothing about the redelivery of my dryer and the issue with the cord remains unresolved. I go online to schedule a new delivery since the driver didn't bother to do that. I can't schedule online, I have to call.


I call and get a very nice person who schedules my delivery. I ask about the cord. She says I have to call or go to a store. I ask why the guy I talked to at the same number the other day could help me with my hoses. Apparently she is in a call center and he was at a store. I say OK and call my store where I made the original purchase.


Phone rings about 20 times and finally a guy answers without even identifying it as best buy. He has no customer service skills whatsoever. He sounds like he believes I'm trying to scam them out of a free dryer cord. I just want what the salesman promised me and I want to talk to that salesman's boss. But I am not talking to the store I called. After so many rings the call got routed to a different store. This guy can't or won't help me. I thank him and hang up.


Can I just take a moment to talk about buying laundry appliances? Since when is a cord not included with an electric dryer? I need the cord to operate the dryer. Why do I have to pay an extra $30? Same with the hoses for the washer. Houses don't come with hoses. I need the hoses to operate the washer. I last purchased a washer and dryer 15 years ago and did not have to pay extra for items I needed to operate them. These stores have discovered a new way to gouge us for more money. Don't include necessary items and force you to purchase them at expensive prices. I'm disgusted. But, back to the story.


At this point I'm massively fed up with Best Buy. I decide I'm sick of calling to complain to people who don't care and I just want my dryer. I spend the $30 for the stupid dryer cord and want to schedule a delivery on the same day as my dryer. Can't do that online. I have to call.


Here we go again.


I call and get the rudest person in the history of customer service. When I tell her what I need, she can't find the cord purchase. I give her the order number. She asks why I can't just go get the cord from the store. I don't want to go into it with this new person so I ask her to please schedule delivery on the same day as my dryer. She does so and informs me in a tone that suggests she just did me a huge favor. I thank her, she says "no problem," and hangs up. Way to train your people, Best Buy.


So, at this point, I have a washer I can't use, my mom has unneeded new hoses, I have to call and see if they will even help me get hoses to my place on my washer, and I'm waiting to see how they will screw up delivery of my dryer. I don't know how this will be resolved and I'm ready to ask for my money back. But if I do, they will want restocking fees even though it is their mistakes that will lead to me returning everything. I can't even say whether the washer and dryer work or not because I can't use one and don't have the other.


Not cool, Best Buy. Not cool at all.

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Re: Nightmare of frustration after store purchase

To add to this "wonderful experience," I called in hoping to talk to my local store about the delivery of washer hoses to the wrong address, and to speak to the supervisor of my original salesman. I was routed to a phone hub who said they would transfer me to the store. After 21 rings, I was hung up on. So I've called the toll free number and am now in the process of a 45 minute wait to speak to someone. After my earlier experiences, I have no confidence that when I get to a live person they will be able to help me. This just gets better and better.

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Re: Nightmare of frustration after store purchase

Hey Shadokat,


Welcome to our forum, and I am honestly sorry this has been your appliance delivery experience with us. I can say that the described scenario is unacceptable, and there seemed to have been multiple failings on our part. I can say that some manufacturers include the cord/hoses for their washer/dryers in the packaging, but some don't and require the customer to purchase them separately. With that said your sales associate should have known if these were included or not and set you up properly.


I can also say if your deliver team promised to schedule the re-delivery of your dryer they should have done that. I did look at your work orders and I show the dryer, the hoses, and the dryer cord are scheduled to be delivered today. Let me know how this delivery goes. I am also sending you a private message with additional information. To check your messages log into the forum, and then click on the letter icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page.



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