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Multiple Failed Deliveries_Store Magmnt Unapologetic



I purchased an open box referegerator in "Excellent condition"on your website from a local store about a month ago. It took me multiple calls and a trip to the store to schedule delivery! Sotre staff William ** made me return the item and purcahse it from the store again! I'm still happy at this point! **Store#9652**


You were no show on the 1st delivery date with no follow up calls. It took multiple calls to get another delivary date a week later. One week later, the delivery guys show up with a damaged refegerator. I refused to receive it since I had paid for an item in "Excellent" condition. It took another week and multiple calls to store/customer service to get to basically to no where! I made another trip to the store to get an answer. By your customer service I was told I can pick another refregerator from the open box section. So I went and looked, and there was nothing apealing there (mostly old damaged stuff)!


I requested to seak to the store leadership to see if you're going to do anything to help me leave with a referegerator that day. The superisor on duty Vince ** offered no solutions. Not even an appology for the missed deliveries, or the misadvertized item. Instead he told me that I'm just out of luck, and there's nothing he could do. He gave me his card and the corporate office's number to call and file a complain!


Here's my delima: You wasted 3 weeks of my time, mis-advertised an item, missed multiple deliveries, and offered no solution for your error? Why should I ever want to go back to bestbuy ever again? -BTW Sears offered me the same deal, so if I don't get a an acceptable response my money is going to them.



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Re: Multiple Failed Deliveries_Store Magmnt Unapologetic

Hello User364200,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! I’m sorry to read about the troubles you’ve experienced recently with your open-box refrigerator. It’s discouraging to hear that your local Best Buy in Fair City Mall were unable to address your concerns.


I have forwarded your concerns to our Appliance Support team here at the corporate office for further review. They will be better equipped with the tools to assist you with this. You can expect a follow up soon.



Mariah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Multiple Failed Deliveries_Store Magmnt Unapologetic

Bestbuy Corporate Rep conversation excerpt:


Bestbuy: If you come back and get another refregerator we'll give you a $50 giftcard.

Me: It's too late. 3 weeks of my time,2 failed deliveries, and countless time wasted over the phone and at your store worth more than your $50 giftcard. Goodbye Bestbuy. You blew it! 


I rather have a hassle free experiance else where! 


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