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Most ridiculous experience that I hope no one ever has to experience...

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I'm pretty sure I'll never be buying an appliance from Best Buy again in my life. Prepare for a long story--it's so ridiculous that I can't even make this up...


I bought a fridge, washer, and dryer (along with the parts needed for installation) in February and requested it to be delivered in March when I closed escrow on the home that I recently bought.  When it was delivered, the delivery people installed my fridge (somewhat because I realized that they didn't hook up the water filter correctly) and as I was attending to the person who was installing my alarm system, dropped off the washer and dryer in the garage and just left.  


I thought this was ridiculous so I called the warehouse to have someone finish installation and they were surprised I called because their notes said that everything was completed. After telling them the story, they were able to send someone out the next week.  When the people came to install the washer and dryer, they told me that the people dropped off the wrong dryer--it was completely different from the one that I ordered and that I need to go to the store and request an exchange.


Next day, I go to the store with my receipts and papers and the store manager said that someone royally messed up and they would exchange the dryer that I bought (showroom model) with the one a newer one and they set it up so that someone would both deliver and install my washer and dryer as soon as possible.


A few days pass and the delivery people come and they drop off the new dryer (and take back the old one) but they said that there was a part missing in the stacking kit that I bought and that would stop them from installation.  They said they would contact the warehouse and let them know but I don't hear a response.  


From this point on, I start this really annoying back and forth between the warehouse, installation people, and the store.  I call the warehouse, they send installation people, installation people say there's something missing, I call the warehouse or go to the store to exchange one of three things that they need to install, and I'm just a hamster in this never-ending wheel. Somewhere in between this cycle, I was half-able to accomplish my goal and got my washer installed (with the dryer still in my garage). I estimate about 20 hours was spent on the phone with Best Buy Customer service and the warehouse where I learned the names of six different operators and two different managers.  It's also important to note that every time I went to exchange a part, there was nothing wrong or missing from those parts--the installation people just refused to install it.


The last set of people who came to finalize the installation (dryer) initially told me they didn't have the right gas line to install the dryer.  This was after I confirmed with the warehouse manager that the correct part would be on the truck and I don't have to worry. After pleading with the installation people and telling them my ordeal, they finally acquiesed and I was able to get it installed. Final installation was delayed more than a month from when it should have been installed.


In terms of time lost, I estimate about 20+ hours on the phone and I ended up taking about 8 personal days from my job to be home for the installation--I can't take a vacation this year because of all the days I spent waiting for my washer and dryer to be installed.


Worst part about all of this was that every person I talked to during this ordeal said that I would receive some form of compensation for this.  The people at the warehouse and the manager said that they would call me personally after the final installation.  I received zero phone calls, zero emails, zero letters in the mail.  


I waited for two months and due to some personal circumstances with a sick family member, I had to be out of the country (two months after the installation was completed). Thankfully, my company allowed me to work remotely while I was out of the country.  


I returned a few weeks ago and called them yesterday to see what was going on. When I called and finally got to the talking to the warehouse, I was told that too much time had passed and they cannot offer compensation for their multiple mistakes that spanned over a month. Their last record was when I went to the store to exchange a part that one of the installation people had mistakenly told me I needed; disregarding the additional phone calls I made to confirm the installation appointment.  


I was told that they called me to offer compensation but the number they referenced was a number that I told the warehouse was inactive for the last year (and asked them to delete) and my personal cell number where they left a message. You could imagine I would remember if I received a message on my phone regarding this issue after everything I went through.  I double checked my phone records and don't have any record of this on my phone. 


When I talked to customer service, I was told that it was my fault that I didn't call back immediately for a mistake that they made. I told them that I don't think I could have held it together if I called back soon after the ordeal--how many people could remain civil at that point?  How frustrated would they be if something that should have taken a morning to install to do ends up takes a month, multiple phone calls, multiple trips to the store, and lost personal days?


What I'm left with, regardless of the time spent, hours lost, and my vacation for this year, is this feeling of frustration and disgust. Only thing I've gotten at the end of all this is some lip service.


If anyone at Best Buy is reading this, you can look at the notes for order # {removed per forum guidelines} and see how ridiculous this is.  Every person that I spoke to has told me how ridiculous this is and how I should have received compensation. Apparently, corporate has too many protocols and its too much work for the people to do right to their customers because their stock prices are far more important than actual customer relations. I don't see myself EVER going back to Best Buy.

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Re: Most ridiculous experience that I hope no one ever has to experience...

Good morning JongLee,


Welcome to our forums, although I wish your visit were under more positive circumstances. After reading through the multiple issues you’ve had with your appliance delivery and installations, I don’t blame you for feeling frustrated, and I apologize for any disappointment this experience has undoubtedly caused. I’m disheartened to hear this experience may have led you to question your future with Best Buy, but I’m hopeful we’ll be able to work with you towards a resolution.


Because they are best equipped to help you with your experience, I’ve forwarded your concerns to our Geek Squad Customer Care team, and it sounds like they are already looking into this matter. You should be hearing from someone soon, if you haven’t already.



SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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