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Kitchenaid Dishwasher and Hidden Charges

Ordered a new Kitchenaid dishwasher with FREE INSTALLATION. Installers arrived and immediately went for the UPCHARGE claiming that they couldn’t connect to copper fitting. Really? How old is the old dishwasher? About 8 years, they said. So how was that hooked up to a copper fitting? Blah blah. More nonsense. It would be $99 to replace the entire valve or $49 to just replace the fitting BUT it may leak and they wouldn’t be responsible for a leak. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE??

What other options did I have? Tell them to pack up the dishwasher sitting in the middle of my kitchen and get out, then try to get a refund from Best Buy and still have no dishwasher while being out $700?? It’s a Hobson’s choice. Either way, the customer loses.

So they replace the valve in about 5 minutes and then they go for UPCHARGE NUMBER TWO. The old dishwasher is hotwired versus being plugged in. This isn’t to CODE they tell me. It should be plugged in. How much will that cost? I ask. $125!! So now we’re up to $225 in ADDITIONAL CHARGES for the FREE INSTALLATION.

Not wanting to disappoint my wife, I tell the guy to just do whatever it takes to make sure everything works properly. He finishes the work, I pay him all of the additional extorted money and he leaves.

I load up the dishwasher and run it.

Nothing happens.

It goes on but the jets don’t spray and nothing gets clean. I call the installer and tell him he needs to get back here before I stop payment on the check.

He just chuckles.

I’m now out nearly $1000 and I have a new dishwasher that doesn’t work.

On my way to Best Buy now to speak with a manager but would appreciate a contact from Best Buy Support I rectify matters.

Thank you,