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Installing speakers

I have a 2012 Ford Focus and would like to install 2 12 inch speakers I have nothing for it and I want it to be loud how much will that be for the anp, subs, box, wiring, and installation? If you can answer this, it would be really appreciated
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Re: Installing speakers


I can provide you with the necessary parts for the installation, but unfortunately there are way to many options out there without your input for me to post up.  I would recommend speaking with a salesperson in-store, or an Autotech for a better list of options for the setup that you are wanting, with the descriptions of the "sound" that you are after.


With that said, you will need some basic parts and since you are wanting 2 subwoofers you will probably need a minimum of 4AWG wire, along with the equipment to play from the OEM (stock) radio.  Below is the breakdown of this:


Materials charge $5.00

Amp install $99.99

Line output convertor $14.99

LOC Install $24.99

4AWG Amp Kit $109.99-$149.99

Dual Subwoofer Installation $39.99 (this is only charged if the subwoofers need to be mounted into the box)



Those are the basics of what you would be looking at to get this setup installed.  There are tons of options that you may find come packaged with our installation, and also part of the reason why I would hope you can visit the store to see if we can't save you some extra $$.  There have been other threads under the Car, Marine, and GPS where I have replied to those customers with the information that they have provided.  Perhaps browsing around there can start your search in the right direction, and if there is any question along your journey, please do not hesitate to let me or your local Autotech know!


Thank you for all the time that you took to join and write with the community, and I hope you are able to get that "bump" that you are wanting here in the very near future! Best of luck!


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Re: Installing speakers

Hello, Prestontrott-


Thanks for considering Best Buy for your upcoming car upgrades!

You have some great questions that I believe autotech796 was able to answer for you.


Overall, when it comes to doing any upgrades to your car, it's best that you speak directly with an installer at your local store and have them take a look at your car so a more accurate estimate can be given on the services you are looking for.


Your time is valuable, and I encourage you to set up an appointment at your earliest convenience. Visit Schedule a Geek Squad® Service and select Car Electronics, from here you will be asked questions regarding the made and model of your car, so our Aerotech’s are best prepared to answer your questions you may have and be ready for the installation.


Let us know if you have any additional concerns.


Good day,

Karina|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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