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Installation / Follow Up Customer Care

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We recently purchased a 65 inch TV, washer, and dryer from a local store. There were issues initially with the TV, but that was thankfully resolved. Then, we waited for the delivery and installation of our washer and dryer. . Disaster. They were at least on time. The installers stated that we had an issue with our water and I needed to contact a plumber to get the washer connected, naturally I simply listened, said thank you and they left. A plumber came out within an hour stating the installers simply did not turn the water valve and was completed within 10 minutes still leaving me a $200+ bill due to blatant negligence on the installers part. After calling customer service 3+ times I have had 2 ladies and 1 gentleman state I will be reimbursed, but wait to hear from a case manager. I was also told I couldn't run the washing machine until an installer came back out. A case manager called to schedule a new installment time, but scheduled it at a time when I was unavailable .. when I stated that she said it's to bad I need to be there and hung up on me. It has now been a week since I was told a new case manager would contact me without a response. I have emailed multiple people including the receipt of payment stating it was blatant wrongdoing on the installer to only be told it's not within their department and to wait to hear from someone else. This entire experience has been an absolute joke. We were planning to purchase all appliances  (a new refridgerator, dishwasher, and potentially an oven within the month on top of the washer, dryer, and TV already purchased) from Best Buy to keep our service in one store, but after this I am done. $200 is not a lot of money, but enough to warrant a courteous response and reimbursement in a prompt manner; not an unprofessional, disrespectful case manager within your warehouse, negligent installers, on top of a mediocre at best purchasing time Best Buy has forever lost my husband and I's support. I hope you are able to get your store and warehouse departments back together; we used to love shopping here. This is all in reference to order {removed per forum guidelines}.

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Re: Installation / Follow Up Customer Care

Hello afarrara,


Thank you for taking the time to share your washer installation experience with us here on the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community. I'm sorry for the troubles you've experienced recently!


I have forwarded your concerns to our Appliance Support team here at the corporate office for further review. They will be better equipped with the tools to assist you with this. You can expect a follow up soon.


Thank you,

Mariah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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