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Installation Damage / Claim

I ordered a refrigerator, washer and dryer for a total of $3,600 and signed up for the Best Buy credit card. The sales person, Dustin, was helpful and did a great job. He advised me Best Buy offered a water line installation for $135, which I signed up for.


The installation was absolutely horrible. The installer, Francisco, installed the water line but advised he could not install it behind the cabinetry unless I signed a waiver releasing any liability should the water line break due to the installation. Due to the fact I did not want to sign a waiver I took the installer's advice telling me it would be best to line the water line underneath the cabinetry (out of view) and run along the perimiter of the kitchen.


The water line was installed poorly and they used metal screws on the plastic line to secure it to the wall. The main issue, however, was the water line was installed too close to the washing machine door, causing pressure on the line any time the door was opened (unknown to me). The line was installed Saturday, 4-15. On Monday morning, 4-17, I walked into the kitchen and heard a loud "hissing" noise and observed the water line had ruptured where it had been installed under the dishwasher, leaking a large amount of water all night.


The leak caused damage to my laminate floor in my entire kitchen and dining room, which now have to be completely removed and redone.


I contacted Best Buy who advised the installer and his insurance company would be responsible for the claim. I contacted XPO insurance (Francisco's) insurance company, and they advised they could not get out until Thursday, 4-20. I told them that was unacceptable and there was a water leak that needed to be repaired.


Francisco was able to arrive at my residence around 1400 hours that same day to repair the water leak. He noted the damaged floors and stated the floors would have to be re-done, but that he would have to pay out of pocket for it. I asked why he woudn't use Best Buy insurance and he told me he did not want to file a claim because his rates would go too high. He further advised he was the owner of the installation company.


I told him the floors would have to match my living room and he seemed concern about the level of work involved. Francisco advised me he would contact a Service Pro to dry out the floor, and would contact his insurance company. He repaired the water line but told me he would have to come back and put it behind the cabinets once the floor was taken up (it's been left just laying across the kitchen).


I waited 4 hours and had not received any phone calls from Francisco or his insurance company, XPO. I called XPO and they connected me to Francisco. Francisco told me he had left me a voicemail (he had not) and that his insurance company told him that I needed to have my insurance handle it.


I then called back XPO and they said they could not send out an adjuster at the time. I advised them there was extensive water damage and I was concerned about mold, so I would be contacting a restoration company. They advised they would compensate me for the service.


The following day, the restoration company contacted XPO and was advised that the claim was denied and that the leak was the fault of the homeowner (me). They never sent out an adjuster despite Francisco's comments to me about having to repair it. Francisco ultimately told his insurance company the leak was a result of me damaging it and not his installation.


That is where I'm currently at. I have been trying to get in contact with Best Buy Claims regarding the situation but have not heard anything. The only thing they did was route me back to XPO.


I'm extremely disappointed with the whole process and professionalism of the installer who is contracted by Best Buy. I have photographs of the damage and the poor installation work.


I also have a contract stating "except for direct property damage resulting from our negligence, under no circumstances...." The line was installed incorrectly and too close to the dishwasher door. Every time the dishwasher was opened it caused pressure on the line, eventually causing it to burst that night.


I don't understand what good the service agreement I signed is if Best Buy just sends me to a third party insurance company who didn't even take the time of day to inspect the damage.

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Re: Installation Damage / Claim

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Hello Cord,


Thank you for joining our community to share your installation experience with us. Discovering possible damage to your laminate floors can be extremely frustrating. I apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you.


Have you filed a claim with Sedgwick Claim Management Services regarding this matter? Is that who you meant by stating Best Buy claims?  Sedgwick is Best Buy’s insurance partner for any kind of damage to personal property. They’d be able to provide you a signal point of contact, and assist you with your claim with the third party installation/delivery partner’s insurance.


If you haven’t filed a claim with Sedgwick, please call them at 1-800-620-7409 to do so. Can you please send me a private message with your claim number, and your best contact number? I’d be happy to request Sedgwick to reach out to you further on this matter.



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