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How to File a Corporate Complaint ** VERY FRUSTRATED

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Hello, I'm a very frustrated customer.

Refering to ORDER # {removed per forum guidelines}

I ordered over 3 thousand dollars worth of appliances only to end up furious and very frustrated.

OK, here it goes the story, original delivery set up for April 1st, delivery guys show up, everything seems to be going according to plan, untill I was advised by the driver that the DRYER had damage and he had to take it back. That's it no other explanation other than, oh don't worry best buy will call you within 24 hours. The fridge and the Washer machine were delivered/installed no problems, like you would think it has to be.

OK, so customer service calls me within a few hours, to tell me that they don't carry stock on this particular model and delivery would take a few days. At this point I'm like WHAT do I do with my laudry with only the washer machine... ?? Well, I complain, and they said they would call me back. Called back they did with an appointment for Monday. OK, I had scheduled on the weekend so I wouldn't take take time off work, but at this point I'm like ok monday works because I have a pile of laudry to do. 

on MONDAY I take a sick day of work.. A different driver shows up, and to my amusement and suprise he is carrying the SAME DRYER that was returned on SATURDAY!!! OMG !! I could not believe it. I was so frustrated that I called Best Buy right away, the lady on the phone goes. oh I'm sorry I think you should take a refund and buy it again.. WHAAATTT ???? I'm like, i don't want a refund, all I want is the item I bought and paid for. BRAND NEW no open boxes, no damages, no same defective item etc.

OK, so I hang up with this useless lady and call again, this time they tell me there's no appointment until FRIDAY the 7th but they would send an email do delivery team to expedite my delivery and would call me back. Well nobody called me back, and I went online and found a slot for Thursday the 6th. (i don't know how I can get an earlier appointment online, than they can get it on their system... but whatever).

OK on the 6th I take another personal day off work (2nd in a week), the delivery guys show up, dryer is packed in a box, YAYY. 

The delivery guys must be the most rude people I ever met. I point him towards my laundry room, where the Dryer is supposed to be installed with all the hoses and stuff I ALREADY BOUGHT AND PAID FOR on the same order.

OK, so the rude guy goes, I don't have the hoses, and my paperwork only says DELIVERY no installation, I argue and say that I bought and paid for the hoses and instalation (19.99 for installation alone). He says to me, oh the hoses and installation were completed on Saturday April 1st. WAAIIIITT WHAT?? How did they complete the installation if they took the dryer back man? He goes, "Oh, i see." ok, I have a spare hose here in the back of my truck, and I will install it for you as a favor!! AS A FAVOR ??? 

he takes the dryer to the laundry room, and in the baddest mood I've ever seen he starts installation, banging on my pipes and at one point trowing the tools on my brand new floor. At this point I told him, you can stop it, if you don't want to do it, stop it and I will do it myself, just don't trow your heavy tools on my new floor. 

He mutters something that I can't understand in spanish, and starts to behave better. 

Well, he goes on to finish installation with all his rudeness and leaves. 


Bottonline, 2 DAYS MISSED from work, to wait for this delivery. a 2nd delivery attempted with the SAME DEFFECTIVE item sent in the 1st place, and on the 3rd attempt, the MOST RUDE guy I've ever met in my life.


That's my 2 cents, needless to say I won't be buying appliances from you anymore.


DAN {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: How to File a Corporate Complaint ** VERY FRUSTRATED

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Good Morning Dan,


Welcome to our Online Forum Community! It’s discouraging to learn that you may not have had the best experience with your washer & dryer suite install.


Best Buy partners with reputable delivery partners in your area to help us deliver in a timely manner. It’s disheartening to learn not only were you brought the same damaged unit on Monday, but yesterday our delivery partner may not have acted in a very professional manner.


Please know as customer’s cancel their appointments throughout the week times may become available I’m sorry upon calling into 1-888-BESTBUY to reschedule Thursday wasn’t offer to you. On your behalf, I’ll be documenting your concerns and experience here at our corporate office for further review.


In the future I hope that you’ll be able to give Best Buy another opportunity to provide you a better experience.



Mariah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: How to File a Corporate Complaint ** VERY FRUSTRATED

well even customer service could be better. a simple I'm sorry and I hope you give us an opportunity next time won't cut it for a $3,500.00 purchase gone bad.

Anyways, thanks for your time.