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How Bout a Simple Phone Call (car stereo install)

Dropped $1000 on equipment and kits, and the fastest they can get me in is 2 weeks and none on my day off from work. Yeah that sucks, but it is what it is. Scheduled.

Two weeks later (this morning) and 3 or 4 confirmation emails, I show up to finally get my install. I'm on a half day vac from work to get it done, and another person to follow me there to drop me off at work. It takes 25 minutes for him to tell me he cant install it due to parts not in stock for my car, and that he should tell me to go to a custom shop cuz my car has a climate control screen.

He bills me for the part (that a custom shop should do) and reschedules me for, yep that's right, 2 weeks from now. Then I need to wait at customer service for 15 minutes to pick up the ordered parts for my first install date, being they should be on me when I come back. All in all I'm out a half day work, late to show for my half day being it takes 45 minutes to be told sorry not happening today sucker, and a person to follow me to the shop for no apparent reason.


Amazing what a 30 second phone call could have saved me,


This is why Amazon is winning. The money saved there could have paid for an install, at a custom shop who realizes most cars have climate control screens nowadays, or at least had 2 weeks to look up the requirements of the car. If any issues arised I'm sure amazon and a custom shop would have the courtesy for a 30 second phone call, or email.


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Re: How Bout a Simple Phone Call (car stereo install)

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Hello Kellerm75,


Time is a precious commodity and, while the occasionally squandering of it for pure recreation is great, having it wasted on your behalf is frustrating and decidedly not fun at all. I was discouraged to hear that your visit to our Dayton location to have your installation completed did not result in success and I apologize for our having disappointed you.


Did you speak to a manager during your visit to express your concerns or to discover if other options were available?


Please know I'm grateful you wrote to us to share your experience and feedback.



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Re: How Bout a Simple Phone Call (car stereo install)

I did not, as I was already running late and trying to get out of there asap. I just know to call the day before my next appointment this time around, hate to have to surprise them with a toyota that's been on their books for 4 weeks.


Regardless, thanks for your reply