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Horrible Experience

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April 20, 2017


Order Number: {removed per forum guidelines}   Order Date: 04/13/2017

Purchaser Info: Ron {removed per forum guidelines}     Phone: {removed per forum guidelines}

Address:                                     {removed per forum guidelines}


My husband and I went to Best Buy, #254, 6315 E Southern Ave., Mesa, AZ 85206 on 4/13/17 (Thursday), and purchased a 65” Sony TV. It could have been delivered on Monday 4/17, but we explained to the salesman Anthony, we were only home on Tuesday and Thursday. It was set up for Tuesday 4/18, delivery and we left instructions for the deliveryman to call when he was near so we could show him where to park at our condo and let him in.


Tuesday 4/18, we never heard from anyone, store or deliveryman. No one called to explain why we did not get our TV. I am certain it would have been spotted when the truck returned to its starting point. My husband phoned Wednesday to the local store and whomever he spoke with told him if he was upset, he should call corporate. My husband called corporate and they hung up on him. I then called the local store and asked for the store manager, I spoke with Eric, asst. store mgr., and he said he was very sorry for the inconvenience as we waited home all day Tuesday and no one showed. He said it could be delivered 4/21, Friday and I once again had to restate we were only home on Tuesday and Thursday. He advised me he would put an escalation on this matter and someone would get back to me. I also emphasized once more we were only home Tuesday and Thursday. He told me the escalation department would compensate me for the inconvenience and aggravation and for me to remind them of that. A lady called me from the escalation department and said she could set it up for Friday the 21st. I explained again only Tuesday or Thursday would work. She phoned back and said she had put the escalation in and it had been approved, she just had to wait for an okay. She assured me she would call me back with further information. I mentioned the compensation to her and she said their department never offered that, it would have to come from the store. However, she would talk to the store manager Eric, and get that taken care of for me. She never did call back. 


When I spoke to Eric the first time I told him I wanted it delivered Thursday 4/20, after all now it is two days late and explained once again we are only home Tuesday and Thursday. He said if I could not get it delivered by 4/20, they would do something locally to deliver it to make sure we got it that day.

Wednesday 4/19, I called the local store once again and a salesman said Eric was with another customer, but he could help me. I explained the situation to him and he told me delivery was set for Friday 4/21, and they were trying to find one in another store?????? (The night we purchased it, we were asked if we wanted to take it with us, but our car is not big enough so we asked for delivery). I got a little exasperated so Eric came to the phone. He said he was certain it was on the truck for tomorrow Thursday 4/20, and they just show it on 4/21 to make the delivery sheet come out correctly. It is not here as of 9:00 pm, MST.  


Today 4/20, my husband received an email saying the TV would be delivered Friday 4/21, between 12 and 4. Do you realize how many times I explained we are NOT home Monday, Wednesday, or Friday? Yikes, I am totally losing my temper at this point and would like to call and say "Do not bring it, cancel the order we will get it somewhere else”. Honestly! I do not understand all the miscommunication!


I called the local store around 8:30 pm this evening 4/20, and waited forever for someone to answer the phone. I asked for Eric who was not there, so I asked for the manager on duty and was told he was busy could he call me tomorrow. I did not have the strength to continue the conversation with repetitiveness. Eric told me yesterday he would be there at 2 pm for all day.


We purchased this TV because ours died, dead. On top of, and in addition to all this confusion, we have not had a TV for one week. Do you realize what a wonderful temperament is flowing through our home? We are both very interested in current events and prefer to watch Fox News to keep up us to date in this very frightening world. I am missing all my programs along with sports. The Cleveland Cavaliers (my team), won the 3rd playoff game tonight against the Pacers in a historic comeback. I did not get to watch it, GRRRRRR. I missed the last few Cleveland Indians games, GRRRRRR. My husband has missed all his blood and guts shows and that makes him way worse than GRRRRRR, trust me.


This is certainly is not an acceptable situation. Customer service is extremely poor. I am sure you would want this part of the customer experience to be outstanding.  I am anticipating your reply.



Janet {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Horrible Experience

Hello Janet,


Thanks for signing up for an account here with us at the Best Buy Community forums. I’m an NBA guy myself (though I’m a Celtics fan), and I know how frustrated you must be to have your television delivery delayed and to miss out on that awesome performance last night. Deron Williams has been one of my favorite players for a long time, and I think he’s a great addition to the team.


We want to have our television delivery be as seamless as possible and I apologize that it wasn’t in this case. I’m afraid I’ll have to add one more wrinkle to this for you before I’m able to try to help you out. Under our Privacy Policy I would only be able to discuss this situation with the person whose name is on the order. As you noted, the order is under your husband’s name and as such we’d only be able to discuss this with him.


If you could have him register an account with us and send me a private message using the link in my signature below containing the order information, we’ll be happy to see what we can do for you. I apologize for any additional inconvenience this has caused, and I look forward to hearing back from your husband so I can take a look at the order.

Thank you,


Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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