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Geeksquad broke my airconditioning installing my NEST thermostat

It is a shame that I feel like this is my only outlet to receive any help.  Two months ago, I bought a home theater system, and a NEST thermostat.  The guy installing was obviously a novice because he spent several hours in my house.  Well, he ended up blowing a fuse in my house trying to install the NEST thermostat and broke our central air system.  Called his manager, who came by and told us to call our air conditioning company.  Thank god, our airconditioning company does excellent service and came by immediately.  I was assured by Geeksquad they would reimburse me the cost of fixing the AC (which was a minute fraction to how much I actually bought from best buy).  I got a claim# and everything.  They said they would send all the statements, including my AC bill to their claims department


It's been 2 months now and I still haven't heard anything about my claim. I called Best Buy and their Geeksquad support who forwarded me to at least 15 people.  I get sent to voicemails and no one calls me back, or I just get hung up on eventually.   I spent an hour just trying to speak with the right person.  They sent me over to a 3rd company called Sedgwick, who apparently handles their claims.  Finally talked to a gentleman at Sedgwick, who said although he had my info and claim number, that GEEKSQUAD NEVER SENT OVER ANY PRICES OR MY AIR CONDITIONING STATEMENT TO HIM.  Now i'm trying to call that guy again, (he said he would email me his information, he never did) to get him these statements, and i'm getting the runaround (I have been forwarded to a different department or hung up on at least 15 times (over one hour of calling). 


I am starting to think Best Buy's tactic is to frustrate you to death so that you give up trying to collect on your claim. And then waiting until the 90-day warranty is over so you can't return anything.  I'm actually enjoying my equipment but definitely thinking of returning the thousands of dollars I bought in equipment based on principle.  (It's incredibly frustrating because my claim is so minutely small compared to my entire purchase).  I can't believe they treat their customers this way.



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Re: Geeksquad broke my airconditioning installing my NEST thermostat

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Hello Esanchez,


When purchasing installation service through us, you should be confident in that our professional service technicians know what they are doing and will get the job right the first time, so I’m incredibly sorry to hear that something went wrong during the installation that caused your fuse to blow! Minnesota summers can be brutal with the humidity alone, and I’m glad your local air-conditioning company was able to get out to your home so quickly for repair after we reportedly advised you we’d cover the necessary costs. Claim investigations like yours can sometimes take longer we’d like, but it sounds like there’s been a disconnect between our insurance company (Sedgwick) and our installation team, so I’d be happy to step in to see if I can assist you in any way.


Upon review of your account using what is available to me through your forum profile though, I’m not locating the necessary information to proceed from here. Don’t worry though – I’ve sent you a private message to discuss this matter further. You may view it by logging into the forum and clicking on the envelope icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page.


Thanks for posting,

Alexandra|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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