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Frustrated with Geek Squad

I bought a $4,000 Samsung TV from Best Buy with the understanding that they will send over Geek Squad to install it and connect it to my current set up, which has been working just fine. My set up is composed of, to wit:


- the TV

- theatre speakers connected to the TV

- in house speakers at different rooms in the house

- blu ray

- apple TV

- karaoke

- wi fi connected

- cd changer

- receiver

- amazon fire stick


All the above are controlled by a complicated universal remote control that I had set up by a local tech guy that is no longer available. He spent a lot of hours programming that remote control and I must have paid around at least $500. Anyway, because of this complicated setup that I bought the TV from Best Buys with Geek Squad so they won't mess it up with the new TV.


Come TV installation day, the 3 guys were over at my house and successfully managed to put up and set up the TV. But then other perpherals mentioned seemed not to be working. The main reason they give is that my Infinity wifi has slow old traditional modem wired connection and that I need to buy Eero. So I bought that Eero for $500 and have to pay extra for a different set of Geek Squad to come over and install this Eero.


This is getting ridiculous. My set up was fine and just because I changed TV through Best Buy and its Geek Squad I now have to pay a lot more than I expected. I want Geek Squad (theatre group) to come back now that I have spent more money on Eero and Geek Squad (wifi group), and fix the programming of universal remote control WITHOUT me having to spend additional service of $300-$500.


By the way, calling the 1800 433 5778 is such a pain in the neck. You would think for a tech company they would have a better system in place than an answering machine and once going through all that answering process you'd get a guy who doesn't know anything.  Unbelievable. 

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Re: Frustrated with Geek Squad

I'm confused as to how replacing your TV would prevent your other accessories from connecting to your wifi.. it doesn't make any sense
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Re: Frustrated with Geek Squad

Hello WinstonCervantes,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! Thank you for choosing Best Buy for your new Samsung TV purchase. I’m sorry to hear while getting it installed it didn’t get intergraded into your system.


Updating your internet router and modem can be beneficial for many reasons. Your new TV will respond best to an AC signal, and it will allow things to work in more efficient manner. I’m sorry to hear that the Home Theater experts may have placed blame on your old wired modem.


I’d be happy to review the service notes associated with your new TV installation to see if more details were articulated there. Can you please send me a private message with your order number? Using the details you shared upon joining our forum community I wasn’t able to locate your purchase. You can send me a private message by selecting the blue button next to my name at the bottom.


I look forward to learning more about your initial install to see how I can assist you moving further.



Mariah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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