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Failed Local Customer Service

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I have sent the following series of emails to my local best buy where I purchased a dishwasher that arrived damaged. I now seem unable to get a final resolution on this matter. If you are unable to assist, please advise who I need to communicate with to address this matter. Mr. {removed per forum guidelines}Contact Information (at least as he gave it to me), Cell: {removed per forum guidelines}; email:{removed per forum guidelinesStanley {removed per forum guidelinesMon, Sep 11, 2017 at 6:14 PM Reply-To: {removed per forum guidelines} To: Cc: Randy {removed per forum guidelinesI sent this email to Mr. {removed per forum guidelinesat your Millerville Road, Baton Rouge, LA location. It now appears that i am unable to reach Mr. {removed per forum guidelinesby phone. I called three times this afternoon, and twice no answer or some unintelligible conversation on the other end. Third time, call went to voice mail and the voice mailbox is full/not set up. Please advise if you can assist or if not you I need to contact to resolve this issue. On Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 10:33 AM, Stanley {removed per forum guidelineswrote: Mr. {removed per forum guidelines}; On Thursday/Friday we received a credit to our account of $199.01. This was supposedly to cover the refund on the damaged dishwasher that we accepted. However, I need you to explain to me and itemize the cost to me as to how the $199.01 credit reduces the purchase price of the dishwasher to $500, when our original bottom line, final total purchase price was $799. I need you to respond to me personally and directly, via email in writing preferably, or by phone if absolutely necessary. However, since this is a matter that you and I discussed and verified with the installer, my wife and daughter are familiar with the details but I am handling this matter personally, so all responses should be to me. If you are unable to provide the information that i am requesting, please advise who would be. I will be expecting a response before close of business today. On Tue, Sep 5, 2017 at 10:25 AM, Stanley {removed per forum guidelineswrote: Confirming your email address and contact phone number. Your Cell: {removed per forum guidelines} I also was reminded of one other thing by my wife. As a promotional or sales incentive, we were not charged sales tax on the original purchase. I would expect the same withe the agreement on the damaged dishwasher. Please advise.