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Experience at Store #255 - Humble Texas

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I purchased an alarm system from Best Buy last year for my 2015 Jeep Wrangler, which was a deal of the day.  To say I was excited to purchase this offer, is an understatement.  Earlier that year, my Jeep was broken into and had several thousand dollars of items stolen.  So, when I saw this I thought it would be a great investment to prevent any future reoccurences. 


After the install, everything was great.  The system performed to expectation, minus every now and then the remote start wouldn't turn over.  I reached out to the Best Buy installer, Dave and he suggested to bring it in on the next time I could and they would give it a look over.  As my work requires me to travel frequently, that was a difficult task.


All of a sudden, the jeep was having a difficult time turning over and she was having to get neighbors to jump her off. Secondary issue was that the electronics discontinued working in the car (Air conditioning, navigation, radio, etc.) when the car would turn over. As I didn't want her to continue having this issue, I had her replace the battery at the local auto parts store hoping this would resolve the issue.  The car would turn over temporarily, but then the same issue occured again. 


The next step was to take the jeep to the dealership, and have them look at it.  They were absolutely unhelpful, unpleasant, and dismissive toward my concerns with the jeep other than to make sure to tell me that my warranty was voided due to installing the aftermarket alarm system.  I expressed to her my concerns were not the amount it was going to cost to fix it, but fixing it its self.  


I then took the jeep to a master automotive electrician who deduced the overall issue was the alarm system was pulling too much power from the battery causing the system to not go into sleep mode draining the battery.  This would cause the battery drain, furthermore it would not allow the other electronics to turn on. 


I followed back up with Dave at your store, and to say each and every time I spoke with him on the phone he was absolutely pleasant.  He assured me that if for any reason that the issues can be pin pointed back to the alarm, they will cover the alarm as it has a lifetime warranty on the install and the parts them selves and reimburse me any of the expenses I am out of pocket.  I told him my story of where we currently were with diagnostics, and had me fax over everything that was needed to get the claim going.  Once he received everything, he had me make arrangements to have the Jeep brought in and have the alarm swapped out.


I made the arrangements with my Mother to bring the jeep up to the store, and she expressed to myself that Dave was over the top helpful toward her.


As I have worked with a multitude of retailers, including this Best Buy during High School and now an Operations Manager with another retailer.  One of the biggest things Leaders can do is discuss opportunities each and every day.  Although when it comes time to priase employees, these tend to come less frequently. 


I want to personally thank Dave and his customer service skills.  He never took blame, but never dismissed myself either regarding my claim.  He pointed me in the direction to start the claims process, and followed up daily to ensure that all the documentation was received so they could make a proper assessment on where we stood.  Once all the paperwork was in, he followed up with me letting me know that the insurance company will be taking care of my claim and asked when I could be in.  Told him I didn't want to take a premium spot, he quickly expressed to me that I can have any spot that is needed.  I assured to him that I wanted to utilize a slower day, so that would give him ample time to assess the root cause of the issue at hand.  He called me after the installation and validated that the alarm its self looked to be the culprit.  He ran tests over several hours on the voltage being pulled on the new alarm, but didn't see any discrepencies.  To this day, I have not had any issues. 


As Dave showed the true meaning of Customer Service -- He made the installation of the original product an easy process, and when something went wrong he made it right.  This is why I will continue utilizing Best Buy. 


I would appreciate if you could share this with the team along with their District Leader.  


Best Regards,


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Re: Experience at Store #255 - Humble Texas

Hello PatBell-


Purchasing a security system for any vehicle should be an exciting time for any customer.  Having the peace of mind to know when something happens to your vehicle is relieving to say the least, but you also have the immediate warning sirens to hopefully deter further actions to your vehicle.  Thank you for providing us with your feedback here on the Best Buy forums!


After going around to so many places while trying to remedy the situation yourself, we are glad you finally reached out to speak with an Autotech.  Any security system, we install comes backed with our lifetime labor warranty for all of our workmanship.  Anything installed, we should be able to troubleshoot to determine if the unit is causing any situations similar to what the customer is experiencing.  It’s fantastic to see Dave was able to get you taken care of from your first conversation!


If this situation hasn’t resolved itself yet, I would continue to work with the insurance representative, or Dave, as it sounds like he is making sure you are being taken care of also.  I personally love to hear stories like these because our Autotechs are some of the best in the industry, and they truly care about your vehicles “health” and operation. 


I will be sure to pass this information along to the appropriate leadership to be heard.  Dave’s customer service is greatly appreciated, and please know how appreciative we are for the time you spent registering to write with the community about your installation experience in Humble, Texas!  Please write back to us if you need anything else in the future.



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