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Dishwasher Delivery and Installation Fiasco

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This is a string a delivery (read from bottom to top) and installation nightmare. Best Buy Twitter support says they cannot expidiate this mess. I can provide the twitter string if needed. If you have fiasco's bigger than this in front of us, you have bigger problems. Please respond ASAP.


Good afternoon, We are very disappointed another day is drawing to a close without a dishwasher and not a word from Best Buy. Please indicate intent or progress ASAP. This is unsatisfactory….At wits ends, Russell


From: "Twitter (Best Buy)" <>
Date: Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at 11:36 AM
To: Russell {removed per forum guidelines} Subject: RE: Dishwasher Install


Good morning, Thank you for emailing in the details of your order. I'm sorry for the troubles you've experienced recently! I see that you have been working with our Geek Squad Customer Care team here at the corporate office. I have forwarded your concerns to them for further review. Thank you, Helen Specialist, ECC Social Media


From: Russell {removed per forum guidelines} Subject: Dishwasher Install


Good morning, We place an order in the Pflugerville, TX on August 21. The order# {removed per forum guidelines}.  I believe you will find notes in the account that confirm this review.

  • The first indication of a problem with this order was the delivery of the TV’s were not delivered on the date as promised. This was easily resolved. The refrigerator was delivered without an issue.
  • The dishwasher installation began a saga that now has us awaiting our third dishwasher. Yet, we don’t know it’s status because no one returned our call yesterday as promised.
  • The dishwasher was installed and the installers insisted they had installed it correctly though it did not work because it was throwing the breaker. Their remedy was to call an electrician because something was wrong in our breaker box. I insisted they double check their work since the prior dishwasher was working fine. This is where the conversation became difficult for they refused to double check and told me to call an electrician.
  • Since they did not double check, I called Geek Squad. They were unable to set up an appointment for more than a week later. When the tech arrived, he confirmed the original installers had literally crossed the wires. The tech started the dishwasher so it could run its first cycle and left with both of us assured the matter was resolved.
  • 30 minutes later the dishwasher started to pour water all over newly installed wood floors. We were able to stop the machine and begin to clean and dry the water damage.
  • I called Best Buy to report the incident and a repairman was scheduled to return and an insurance claim was initiated. A repairman returned later that day and discovered the drain line in the dishwasher leaked. We were told are only alternative was to do a return and replace.
  • Chauncey the store manager was contacted on Friday, September 8th to resolved the matter. He began to check what could be done. He learned the first dishwasher that was available to replace the model we ordered would not be available to later in October. I told him that was unacceptable and we needed a dishwasher as soon as possible. The only dishwashers available were cost more. I was told I would have to pay the difference. I reluctantly agreed to pay the $55 more and asked for delivery ASAP.
  • The new dishwasher (Samsung) was not delivered and installed until Monday, September 11. The installer informed us it would not work, for the pump was unable to remove water to the drain.


  • The store was called again and told of the problem. This time they did offer a dishwasher that costs slightly more and would cover the difference. We were told we would receive a call later in the day to arrange delivery and install. We did not receive a call yesterday and still have not heard from the store today.

We no longer have trust in the store or their management team, not to speak of our anger toward the contract installers who I refuse to have in our home again. Please relay this report to those who give oversight to store general managers.


Most importantly we are still waiting on a dishwasher several weeks after the original delivery and install date. Thanks for your prompt reply and response. Russell



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Re: Dishwasher Delivery and Installation Fiasco

Stiil no response from moderator 6 hours later. Just like and best buy support other means, there is a deafening silence from a company who prides itself in being responsive.. This lack of response is driving away a long time customer. 

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Re: Dishwasher Delivery and Installation Fiasco

Hi RussellFloyd,


I do apologize for the delay in responding to this, and for how these delivery/installs were handled by us. I can tell you due to the time of year, and how busy we currently are, we are a few days behind in responding at time. I did look at the order number you provided us, and I show it is in another person's name. I do work with Helen who responded to the email you sent to, and it sounds like a case manager on our Geek Squad Customer Care team should be addressing this for you; that team is much better equipped to handle these types of concerns, and I will leave it for them to exclusively address moving forward. I would suggest contacting your case manager with any requests you might currently have of us.



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