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Delivery problem with damage

I ordered a GE gas range with delivery and installation on 2/18/2017. When I ordered, the system told me the delivery date will be 2/21/2017.


Right before 2/21/2017, the delivery date, I got voice message asking me to call back. I was told that they just found that they don't have the gas range in stock. Only the gas line will be delivered on time, which would be useless without actual gas range. They said it's going to be early March. At the end, I was told that the earliest possible was 3/14/2017. That's 24 days after I placed the order.


On the delivery date, 3/14/2017. The scheduled delivery time was 4-8pm. I got call from a guy at around 1:30pm, saying that they will be at my door in 30 minutes. Since the gas range finally came, so I called my wife to make sure she's at home, skipped my job, and rushed back for the installation. When I arraived, that was 2:40pm, no truck at the door. The truck guy got a wrong address and parked a block away from my house. That's fine. So, he came. Just ONE young guy.


You know, I ordered a gas range, it's about half the size of a refrigerator. I have to helped him move my old range and also the new range.


Here comes the installation. When he unpacked the gas line and started installation. He found that the fitting was not right. The one to my gas outlet is 5/8". He has only 1/2" fitting. So, he said it's not possible to install the gas range today. He asked me to go to Home Depot to buy a 5/8" fitting and called Best Buy to schedule another installation. In the paper work, this installation is marked NOT COMPLETE.


So, I went to get the fitting. Called Best Buy. That was already evening on that date. Best Buy told me somebody will contact me tomorrow (3/15/2017) for the installation. I waited the whole day on 3/15/2017. Nobody called.


Finally got a call on 3/16/2017 afternoon and Best Buy transfered my reinstallation request to some contractor I think. Twice. The phone transfer never went through. On the other hand, Best Buy never contacted me regarding this unfinished business.


The new gas range has been sitting in my kitchen for five nights, and we cannot make any meals at home. This evening, I have to take a closer look. And, I found that the oven door has a dent at the side and the door is uneven. It is most likely caused by the one-man moving stunt somewhere during the delivery process.


Now, my requests to Best Buy:

  1. What can be done with the damaged oven door? I think it's fair to send somebody to replace this faulty unit, isn't it?
  2. Can I cancelled the installation part and get the mony back? I can call a handy man to do the job and it can be done in one or two hours, not five days.
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Re: Delivery problem with damage

Hello mavetx,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. I’m sorry it has taken so long to get back to you on this. I know how frustrating a delivery issue like this can be, and I apologize that you’ve run in to so many issues with getting your stove hooked up.


Using the information in your post I was able to look into your order with us. I’m thrilled to see that you’ve been in contact with us over the phone and we were able to help you out with this. Based on what I’m seeing, everything should be all set for you now.


If there are any outstanding issues, I would suggest getting back in touch with the folks that helped you out over the phone.


On my end, I’ll be sure to document your issues with tour order and install. I agree that one person isn’t enough to deliver and install a stove, and will be sure to note that in my documentation. We value feedback like yours very highly and use it to improve the service we offer. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention.


If you have any questions for me, please let me know.



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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