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Delivery guy doesn't several hundred in damage to ceramic tile and they offer me $150!!!???

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I purchased a washing machine back on February 14th. During the removal of the old washer, the delivery guy (would definitely NOT call them a professional) gouged & ruined 13 of my ceramic tiles dragging the washer out of the way. I filed a complaint immediately, within minutes of the delivery, was referred to Sedgwick, who subsequently pawned me off to another company. This is the person they referred me to:

Justin {removed per forum guidelines}

Control Transportation Services, Inc.

Assistant Operations Manager – Detroit XD

Office: {removed per forum guidelines}

Cell: {removed per forum guidelines}

Email: {removed per forum guidelines}


I have an email history with Justin dating back to February 25th and have had zero resolution to this issue - until today. You would think it was a congressional investigation! I was offered $150 in compensation - an ABSOLUTE JOKE. I doubt double that would even pay for the damage they did. I've alreayd talked with one company that estimated it to be around $500, and even then, it won't be a perfect match. I cannot believe it has taken this long to get to a completely unacceptable "solution". At this point it certainly seems to me that Best Buy doesn't stand behind the delivery of their products and I would have strong reservations about buying any other products that require Best Buy delivery..

Here's the order number. Ironically it includes paying for haulaway. It's like I *paid* to have my flooring wrecked.

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Re: Delivery guy doesn't several hundred in damage to ceramic tile and they offer me $150!!!???

Greetings brownlg,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community!


Discovering possible damage to your very unique tiles can be very frustrating. I apologize that your washer delivery didn’t go as expected, and other issues may have been sparked due to that visit to your home.


It’s discouraging to hear that Sedgwick our partner for these kinds of damage concerns was unable to assist you further with this matter. Typically they’d be able to assist you throughout the process, and ensure that you’re provided a fair resolution. I apologize if that may not have happened in your situation.


Moving forward I’d be happy to escalate your concerns to Sedgwick directly to see how they may be of further assistance. Can you please send me a private message with your Sedgwick Claim Number, and the best phone number to reach you at? You can send me a private message by choosing to do so next to my name at the bottom.



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Re: Delivery guy doesn't several hundred in damage to ceramic tile and they offer me $150!!!???

Posting an update (yes, this is STILL an issue months later)...


I received a certified letter on Tuesday from Control Transportation Services, Inc. making the false claim that they have been unsuccessful in contacting me for pictures/additional details and will consider this issue closed if I don't respond by June 17th.


I immediately replied via email to Justin at CTSI on Tuesday and copied Ashley from Sedgwick. I have an email chain going back to February with this very company & individual, providing pictures and a summary (to which he replied and confirmed they received) and was quite suprised to receive this letter.


Nobody wants to take responsibility and nobody wants to pay the real costs for the damages to my floor.