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Delivery driver did not connect washer properly and caused a leak

I bought a washer on and had it deliveried by CTSI on Dec 26, noticed it had a slow leak to an unused room in my basement on January 7. Called Best Buy, filed a claim  and they sent out CTSI over on January 9. CTSI sent someone over, saw damage, connected dryer  and left. Segdwick called me a few days later, said it was not Best Buy responsible, CTSI will take over. I told Segdwick I had water damage, was told to go ahead and get it fixed, since it is water damage. CTSI took many days to contact me, by that time the dry vac compnay already started. Was told that I should not have started to dry basement before CTSI came too look at it, I tod them they came and did look at it. Then told well thay person never wrote in his notes whats wrong or took picture. CTSI kept giving me the run around after that. After calling Best Buy and Sedgwick maybe 50 times, CTSI finally submitted my claim to their insurance company, Hanover. Was denied, told I had work done before CTSI had a chance to inspect it. I told them they came and did, before I started the dry vac. They said well CTSI did not report that in the file,  Hanover told me CTSI says they are not responsible, they have to go on their word. Then if it thats the case, why did they even bother to file a claim knowing it will get denied? Worst experience ever with a compnay, called Best Buy and Segwick many times, just getting the run around from both I feel.

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Re: Delivery driver did not connect washer properly and caused a leak

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Hello bstef,


Thank you for taking time out of your day to share your Delivery experience, and the possible damage that may have been caused to your home with us. I appreciate that you’ve also taken the time to join our Online Forum Community too!


Sedgwick Claim Management Services is our partner for these kinds of matters. They also should be able to assist you with your claims from start to finish. I apologize that your claim may have been denied due to a documentation error. I’d be happy to request a follow-up for you on this matter.


Can you please send me a private message with your claim number for Sedgwick, and your phone number for them to follow up with you regarding this matter? You can send me a private message by choosing to do so next to my name at the bottom.



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