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Damages to the floors

I ve been dealing with this issue since May 2017, i purchased a refrigerator and microwave from BEST BUY (where i pretty much buy all my appliances and electronics) everything went smooth with the purchase, except to the delivery. Delivery was sent for a saturday between 8-12pm, then Best Buy calls to see if we can reschedule to an early date since the items are ready and theres an opening for Thursday between 8-12pm, which i accepted. On wednesday night (one day prior to delivery day) i receive a call from best buy confirming the items, address time and date (awesome) 30 mins later i receive another phone call from best buy telling me that we will need to push you delivery to sunday. because they still dont have my fridge although they previously mentioned that they have all my items, long story short here we are on saturday night and i receive an automated call from best buy, telling me that delivery is on sunday between 8-10AM, delivery guys didnt show up till 12:05pm with a nasty attitude from one of the delivery guy name Christian, he took his time unpacking the fridge and making calls to best buy CS because of an earlier incident with the previous delivery (obviously because of his ill manners) after 30 mins and several phone calls, he was ready to bring items inside the house. we just purchased this house recently, it has new engineered hardwood floors, the entire hauling process, i kept reminding them to please be careful. we had to haul out my old fridge to the garage, (also i reminded them about the floors), all went well, no issues here. Also i made sure to document all the delivery (pictures), i always do that for all deliveries. floors were intacted no scratches when we hauled the old fridge. now comes the new fridge turn, I again reminded the guys about the floor, and Christian, with his nasty attitude, responded "relax its not the first time we do this, this fridge has wheels" well it turned out he doesnt know what he was doing, he went ahead and pushed the fridge in, and you could hear the floors screaming, they scratching the entire floor from both ends of the fridge, now i have to lines in the middle of my kitchen. When i approached him, about it, he got so defensive, "no this was here from long time ago" although 2 mins earlier i snapped couple of photos of the floors after they hauled the old fridge and there was nothing (he didnt know that though Smiley Very Happy), i kept arguing with him, and the wife being the wife tried to calm be down and talk sense to me to contact best buy (which i regret that i listened to her) the guy bring in paper while on the phone with best buy and he tells me "we are done here, please sign the papers, i told him i wont sign anything, he said these are for best buy that we delivered the items, with no damages to the items" i asked him what about the floors, he said "you will have to take it with best buy and they will open a claim" so i signed those papers. best buy said they dont have to do anything with this, that i will need to call some 3rd party company (forgot their name) long story short, they opened a claim for me, an adjuster emails me then calls me, hears the entire story, asks for photos of the floors. i snapped new photos, didnt want to send the one i took on the delivery day, because of my instinct. He calls me again, tells me he spoke to the delivery guys and they said they had a delivery issue, asked me if i got an estimate for the repair and if i didnt they will send out one someone to do that, expect a call from someone between 24-48hrs, im like perfect that was easy. 3 days later i havent heard from any one, i emailed the adjuster, called left VM, nothing!! two weeks later i receive a certified letter in the mail, that states that my claim is now close, no damages done by the delivery guys, and that i did scratch the floors and trying to blame them. called best buy, a guy tried to help, and told me a case manager will come out to you house and look at the damages, expect a call 24-48hrs again no one called. called best buy again, saw the notes but told me we dont handle issues with delivery i will open a case for with the 3rd party company, she calls back with the case# and tells me to expect a call or an email thats been 2 weeks now, no calls no email NOTHING. I hope best buy and step up and fix this mistake, they hired these ppl, someone needs to be responsible. the pictures i took with my iphone are all geotagged, date and time stamped again i really hope best buy will do the right thing, im an elite plus member, i spend more that 6-7k a year at their stores. its been 3 months of me wasting my time with bunch of crooks
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Re: Damages to the floors

So even here, I get the same treatment, no reply from any of the BBY members, although the rest of the comments that were posted after mine all got a response.
Excellent customer service Best Buy 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Re: Damages to the floors

Hey nkoubati,


Welcome to our forum, and I appreciate you giving us the opportunity to try and make this right for you. I am honestly sorry that this was your delivery experience, and I can say we require ever employee representing Best Buy to be completely professional when interacting with one of our customers.


I can also say we have insurance for this exact type of situation, and the name of our insurance company is Sedgwick. Our insurance would cover any damage caused to a customer’s home by the actions of a Best Buy employee. It sounds like you have already filed a claim in this matter, and in order for me to look into this you will need to send me a private message with your claim number. To send me a private message click on the message button to the right of my signature.



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