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Damaged items by Best Buy during shipment

On February 24th I purchased a kitchen suite by GE at the king of Prussia location. I was only looking for a dishwasher but because of the attractive open box prices I purchased 4 appliances, 1 new and 3 open box. On my delivery date 3/7 I was informed the dishwasher and refrigerator were damaged at the warehouse and would not be shipped. The only item shipped was the new range I purchased in the package. I was informed by the shipping crew that I would be contacted and Best Buy would replace the damaged items and they should ship in 2-3 days. After 2 days I did not hear anything so I called and the manager at the king of Prussia location was supposed to return the call. After another 2 days this did not happen so I called again. I was informed the products would not be replaced because they were open box. I was told I would be given a discount on new appliances. Even after a discount I am forced to pay hundreds extra. If I had not been without a refrigerator for weeks now I would not have repurchased from Best Buy. I am still without a refrigerator with a new shipment date on wed 3/15.
When speaking to the case manager I asked to see photos of the damages because as of now I am only going on Best Buy's words I haven't seen the appliances myself because they were never delivered. The case manager said they do not take pictures and the items will be returned to the store. When this first occurred I simply asked for open box replacements but was told that could not be done. I am posting here as a lin hopes to address the issue and hopefully have the additional money I had to pay returned. My last resort is to forward the terms and conditions to a colleague of mine who practices law to see if Best Buy can be held responsible for the damaged items. I have spent hours on the phone a few trips to the store and would not be this far if I did not contact Best Buy as they marked my order as complete.
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Re: Damaged items by Best Buy during shipment

Hey rmullen,


Given the large discount you were getting on these open-box appliances, I can of course understand you being upset that you need to pay additional money for new-in-box replacement units. I am truly sorry this has been your experience with us.


I should add clarification to our policy on returning or exchanging open-box items. As a company we do not exchange open-box purchases, but instead return the purchase; then the customer can use their returned funds to purchase any replacement item they want at the current selling price of that replacement product. This is why you had to pay additional money for the new-in-box as new-in-box units cost more than open-box items.


I do see we are scheduled to deliver your new appliances today 3/15/2017. Has this delivery now been completed? What was the name of the store manager you have been working with?



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