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Damage and Sedgwick Claims not being responsive - dishwasher



I am trying to see if you or someone else from best buy can help me.  I filed a claim through Best Buy which transferred me to Sedgwick Claims back in December and since then i have not been able to follow-up with anyone.  I have tried to reach the Sedgwick claim person for a long time and not able to reach her via e-mail and each time i call her the phone just rings and i hear her vmail but no option to leave a message.  The Sedgiwck claim person said i would be contacted by Installs Inc, i never heard from Installs Inc and so i sent them an e-mail and they said they never did the installation.  I called best buy installation and they confirmed that the installation was done through installs inc via their contractor.  Please see the full e-mail thread below.  is this something you can help with ASAP? 


The installation happened back in Dec 7th, while installing the hose that came with the dishwasher was faulty and caused water leakage all over the kitchen floor and i noticed few weeks later my basement ceiling and wall having water damage and it still continues to spread.  Best buy installers came back again on Dec 12th with a new hose and re-attached the dishwasher.