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Complaint - Wrong Pedestal Every Time

I am super upset and comfused about the servise of Best Buy. I have already spent tooooo many hours on this issue.


I ordered a washer/dryer set, with a pedestal washer and a pedestal drawer and installation in my store on the Black Friday 2016. It was backordered and supposed to deliver on January, the drawer was free as the Black Friday sale. We were not sure about the size but the store sales rep said he can adjust the order if we want to change.


We went back the second day and wanted to change to a smaller size. Instead of modify the order, he said he couldn't do it because it was backordered he could help me cancel the order and I have to call Best Buy to re-order them. Followed his instruciton, I called, re-ordered and the new delivery date was some day February.


After almost three month, the delivery date came. The delivery guys worked very hard to install them but found the hardware was missing for the pedestal drawer. It turned out to be a open-box pedestal. So they installed the washer with pedestal and the dryer by itself. Told me they will fix the problem but I need to re-schedule a new delivery date.


Two weeks passed, a new pedestal came and they worked very hard, again, but found the pedestal was wider than the dryer. The sales rep on the phone actually helped me ordered a wrong part on Black Friday. After the delivery people went back to store, I got a call from store said it is fixed and they will re-deliver it.


Two weeks later, yesterday, the pedestal showed up was the same wrong one. After that I spent two hours in the store but eventually they said nothing they can do,  I have to call Best Buy and solve the issue through the phone. Actually they succeed to cancel the free pedestal for me.


So I called Best Buy about an hour ago, to my surprise, they cannot help either, two options she gave me, buy a new pedestal (instead of getting a free one), or call warehouse see if they can help. I told her to call for me and she did, while I was still on hold the call got disconnected. 


Now my situation is, super upset and super confused. I learned that store won't help, phone service won't help and warehouse maybe. Or even worse, I may have to pay something I had for free and it is not even my fault. I also learned Best Buy is so divided that in order to solve a not-so-complex problem like mine, I have to go through all the branches, all the departments and the only people I can trust is the delivery guys because they know it is a wrong part.


What I need is just the right pedestal installed ASAP and free.

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Re: Complaint - Wrong Pedestal Every Time

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Hello and welcome to the forum mosqy,


Your experience purchasing a new washer and dryer on Black Friday sounds painful, and I'm disheartened to read about all the time you've had to waste working with our agents to get the right pedestal for your dryer. This is something that should have not gone on for almost 4 months and I'm truly very sorry sorry for all the frustration you've encountered. I would be happy to see how I help get this taken care of as soon as possible. 


Using the e-mail you registered on the forum, I have located the order and will be partnering with our team to get this resolved, and get you the promotional pedestal you were promised. I'll be following up with you with an update in about 24 - 48 hours, possibly sooner if I need more information from you. In the  meantime please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. 


Thank you for visiting the forum, and I'll be in contact soon. 


Maria|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Complaint - Wrong Pedestal Every Time



Thank you very much, you are my last hope.

Please let me know if you need more information from me.