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Complaint - Appliance Delivery / Broken / Customer Service

I want to start by saying when I originally purchased our new Fridge, Dhiswasher and Stove (and range hood) package on July 3rd, the associates at the store were very helpful, patient and also really worked with us to help make sure we got the best deal. It may have taken a long time to finally purchase the package but we were happy over all. It was also part of your July 4th sales deal. 


We were to have our appliacnes delivered on Wednesday, July 12th. The installers were great, personable and really worked hard....


That is where the positive feedback ends.....


The refridgerator came without it's plug. The Dishwasher got installed and then started to leak everywhere. The actual housing of the dishwasher is leaking. The only thing that seems to be working (SO FAR), is the stove but we don't know because we can't actually use it to cook anything yet. 


We were told we had a case manager, Ashley. She contacted me on that same day, 3 hours after the issue and stated she was looking into it and was going to make sure to email me her contact information and get back to me right away. She verified my email and said she was going to talk to her supervisor.


I never received an email nor a call nor an update. The next day, we called the Geek squad line TWICE. I was told Ashley was busy handling over cases. She would call back. No call back. We went to the Apple Valley store where we purchased the appliances. They said their hands were tied because it was locked in the system as being delivered. The supervisor doing all he could to make sure we get some sort of information.


Friday comes around. NO WORD...... We have a dishwasher still in our house that doesn't work. No fridge except our old fridge that has been cleaned out to wait for the new one and a stove. My husband had to call geek squad AGAIN, and get transferred 5-6 times to finally get someone to talk to him about the issue YOU have brought on us. 


Now the appliance supervisor at Apple Valley, Greg, called and said the earlier we can get things out there are next Tuesday the 18th. Stating that because of the 4th of July sale, Best Buy had a lot of sales go through and there are a lot of customers that need served. I don't care what other customers you need to serve. What I want is validation that you are going to fix the mess you put us in. We don't have a kitchen we can use. We don't have a kitchen we can use until Tuesday now. We are just grateful our old fridge didn't get removed so we could at least keep my daughter's insulin refrigerated. 


This was a horrible awful experience. You have not made us feel like priority once except during the actual purchase. You haven't kept your promises, you haven't followed through... I have every right mind to return EVERYTHING because this is ridiculous. We are still considering to return it all because we don't want to deal with this any more. Will anything work that gets installed? Will it be broken or missing parts again?? How long until we have our kitchen back?? 


This is unacceptable customer service! And what's worse, this is the only place I can find to really file a complaint. Because trust me, I am looking for everyway I can to file a complaint about how we have been treated and worked with on a over $4k purchase from your store!! Never again!

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Re: Complaint - Appliance Delivery / Broken / Customer Service

EDITED - I have been corrected. We will only receive our fridge on Tuesday, July 18th. It will take another week to get our dishwasher replaced. So we will not be receiving the dishwasher replacement until July 25th.....
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Re: Complaint - Appliance Delivery / Broken / Customer Service

Hello aokstudios,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for your feedback. We never like to hear one of our loyal customers has had to go through such a poor delivery experience, but it’s posts like yours that help us to improve our customer service, and I’m grateful for the opportunity you’ve provided us.


Using the information you’ve provided upon registering to our forums, I’m happy to see you were able to hear from your case manager regarding this delivery, and I’m glad they were able to get you scheduled for the next soonest service appointment. I’m optimistic things will go smoothly from here on out, but if you have any further issues, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Thanks for posting,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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