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BB customer service promised a rebate for taking more than 2 months to deliver dryer

I ordered a new dryer for tenants on 9/22/16 and didn't receive final delivery and installation until 12/2/16. For all of that time my tenants were without a functioning dryer, very unhappy and expecting compensation. Most of the delay appears to have been problems with Best Buy's supply chain, and on at least two occasions: 10/8 and 11/15, when Best Buy said the dryer was scheduled to be delivered, I confirmed by phone the night before, only to be told, the day of expected delivery, that the delivery was to be delayed. On the 11/15 we took time off work and traveled to the rental apartment and waited for delivery that never came. After the first delay, when I called customer service I was told I would receive a rebate of at least 10 %; after the second delay,  customer service said we might expect a 20% rebate, but could only discuss this once the dryer was installed. I have the name of the warehouse personnel we spoke with on several occasions when trying to sort out the final delay. After the dryer was finally installed, I called the 1-800 number repeatedly, and spent long periods of time waiting to get a live person. When I finally did get one, they said I had to speak to the warehouse staff and transferred me to a number that, after a long hold, gave an automated message saying the mailbox was full, and then I was cut off. When I complained to my credit card company and they approached Best Buy, Best Buy wrote, in part, "No credit due, as customer has received all merchandise associated with this charge." The delays were a huge inconvenience for us and our tenants. Best Buy needs to make good on all of on the promises of its representatives to take some responsibility for most of these delays by providing the rebate. 

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Re: BB customer service promised a rebate for taking more than 2 months to deliver dryer

Hello Jako,


Welcome to the forum. I apologize for the delay in replying to your post. I'm very sorry to hear of all the troubles you've had with the appliance purchase. 


Please know I have forwarded your concerns to our Appliance Support team here at the corporate office for further review. They will be better equipped with the tools to assist you with this. You can expect a follow up soon.


Thank you for posting here on the forum, 

Maria|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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