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Appliance delivery team is a joke.

On November 27 2017 I ordered a stove, dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator (all Samsung) as a big surprise Christmas gift for my parents.  I opted to pick up the stove, dishwasher, and microwave and install them myselves but decided to have the refrigerator delivered and installed as well as move the old fridge into the basement.


Delivery was originally set for Tuesday 12/26, but my father wanted to be home when the delivery took place so we rescheduled to Friday 12/29 12pm-4pm.  On Friday 12/29 we got a call around noon saying that their truck broke down and they had a mechanic coming to fix it and still hoped to make it out.  After 4pm we received a call telling us that they could not get the truck fixed that day and they had rescheduled us to their next available day...which was Tuesday again.  We again rescheduled to Thursday 1/4 12pm-4pm.


Wednesday 1/3 we received a call telling us that they had to reschedule the delivery due to a snow storm heading towards New England.  Fair enough, forecasts looked bad, so we reschudled to today 1/11 12pm-4pm.


So that leads me to today.  The delivery truck arrived at about 2pm, and immediately the two delivery men seemed like they didn't want to deliver/install the appliances.  They told us that the "icy" conditions would make it impossible for them to deliver the refridgerator which was sitting in the back of their truck in the driveway although it is 50 degrees here today.  They then called their boss that told them NOT to deliver the refridgerator and IF THEY DID and got hurt that they would LOSE THEIR JOBS.  So they told us to call to reschedule delivery and got back in their truck and left.


What sort of delivery service is this?  It is Winter in New England...some potential snow/ice/cold or inclement weather is expected.  It has now been weeks of delays/cancellations and numerous rounds of unloading my parents fridge/freezer into coolers and then just loading it back up.  I am sure BB will claim no responsibilty for this and I have already seen responses to others with similar problems stating that "BB does not compensate for time or lost wages" yada yada yada but I figure I should share my experience so other users might know about the sorts of problems that can arise.  My suggestion, skip delivery or go through a retailer that has their own delivery/install teams.


After years of being a BB Elite Plus member I certainly expected better...