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PlayStation 3D Display Release Date?

I was told when pre-ordering the playstation 3D Display bundle at my local Best Buy that the estimated release date was 11/26. The release date for this product is 11/13 for pretty much every other store (Amazon, Gamestop ect.) Best Buy seems to be the only place that has yet to announce a confimed release date for this display bundle and I am wondering if the product was just not updated with the correct date.


Now I would like to know if anyone can clarify that the bundle will in fact be released from Best Buy on 11/13, the date most stores are going to release the same display. If Best Buy is indeed planning to release this product at the later date, then I would like to cancel my preorder in favor of another store. I keep checking the website for a possible update to the release date, but it always says "Comming Soon".


Any knowledge into this matter would be greatly appreciated Smiley Happy

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Re: PlayStation 3D Display Release Date?