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windows won't load

i have a year old e-machines computer and it won't load windows. sometimes you can unplug it for awhile and it will work,sometimes it won't. sometimes you can relaunch windows and it will work,sometimes not. have tiied windows restore with no luck.  any suggestions?
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Re: windows won't load

Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the operating system (making sure to back up ALL important data first)?
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Re: windows won't load

how do you uninstall and reinstall if you can't get to the main window sreen? just restored to an earlier date (4-1-09) and now its working for the moment. step daughters computer and she uses lime wire to download songs and i've heard lime wire can do things to a computer. true?
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Re: windows won't load

Very true indeed. Limewire is the source of about 30% of our "virus removal" business. Honestly it is.


For hardened computer geeks, it's less potentially harmful, but for the average user, it's pretty much an open door for all sorts of nasty things.


To "recover" your computer, you will need "recovery discs" that you hopefully made, or came with the computer.

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