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Re: iBUYPOWER STAFF to Answer all your questions


a person commented on my review here asking for information on the liquid cooling system I thought you could perhaps give more information to them than I could.
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Re: iBUYPOWER STAFF to Answer all your questions

Hello bestbuy, so i got a new gaming pc for a birthday gift and i was really happy!(first gaming pc) Ive had this pc now for like only a week but in the bottom right corner, it says "activate windows". I already had windows 10 and it said "error 0xC004C060". Any idea what it means? Also, the new pc was an iBUYPOWER BB930 if you didnt know
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Re: iBUYPOWER STAFF to Answer all your questions

Do a factory image reset. On the Cortana search bar type in "Reset this PC" You will be prompted to follow the prompts on screen to determine what happens next.


Be certain you are not choosing an option that refers to recyling your computer Smiley Happy


If all else fails, the manufacturer would be your best bet.


Here is their link:


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