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Wireless, but not Bluetooth?



I'm looking for wireless headphones. A majority that I've seen are Bluetooth enabled. All I want to do is listen to my computer. I have a pair that is wearing out. There's a mini-RCA jack that hooks up to the transmitter. The headphones are wireless from there. I'm looking for a similar setup. However is seems like every pair that I com across and like seem to be Bluetooth... Do I need anything special for this, or do I need a Bluetooth device like a cell phone to use these?




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Re: Wireless, but not Bluetooth?

Hey BigRandy,


Thanks for taking the time to provide us with this great opportunity to help you find the right head phones for your computer! I personnaly love the Astro A50's, they are a great gaming headset and are wireless. Though you didn't mention you wanted them for gaming so I'll try and answer your question as you put it. 


When the headsets are bluetooth or wireless, there will be an adapter that either comes with the headphones or is purchased seperately that enables them to connect. Just like the one you are currently using. They generally connect to the computer through USB. This will be disclosed on the package of the headset. We have a great selection on our website here.


Most of the headsets that are not wired, will be wireless (haha). That is different from bluetooth. The way they work is similar to a wireless router in your home as it will emit a signal that is only coded for the headset so they can connect. where bluetooth is more universal. Though they are both something that has to be paired up and is usually a simple process. 


The headsets you said you have come across as bluetooth should come with the adapter needed to connect them to your computer. If not, Best Buy sells a universal bluetooth adapter and it should work just fine. 


I hope this helps and thanks again for joining the community!

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Re: Wireless, but not Bluetooth?

Thanks for clearing that up. I feel that I can purchase the right product now...
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Re: Wireless, but not Bluetooth?

Would something like this work?



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