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Windows 10 Upgrade

I purchased a laptop shortly before the Windows 10 release and were told that we could do the Windows 10 upgrade for free as mentioned. I know it has been quite some time, we still have our receipt. Would we still be able to do this upgrade free of charge to the laptop?
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Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

The free Windows upgrade offer I believe ended on July 29, 2016

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Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

If you were to Google "windows 10 accessibility upgrade" you may find what your looking for. Otherwise if it came with windows 8, you can do a fresh install of windows 10 via a USB stick and it will license also.
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Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft has been very silent on this subject but a majority of machines that have not done the upgrade yet are being allowed legitimate activations of Windows 10. If you were to perform such upgrade, you would be responsible for creating reinstallation media for your PC before performing the upgrade should the upgrade not function.




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Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

You can reinstall windows 10 licensed one, may be helpful!