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Why do I get Chinese writing and a clock

Hi, I just recently joined the group.  But I do have a question. 


I recently bought my wife an 8" Insignia Flex from Best Buy three weeks ago.  It works fine, and we're happy that I'm going to bjy myself a 10 inch Flex.  However I noticed something about my wifes Insignia, it sometimes does not turn on, or it sometiems does not want to turn off.


Secondly, it sometimes reverts to Chinese Characters and has a clock that spins at the top of the screen?  So can anyone tell me what I have?




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Re: Why do I get Chinese writing and a clock

Hello Blackwidow,

Welcome to Community@ Insignia™!

What issue do you run into when trying to turn the tablet on/off? To turn it on you will have to press and hold the power button until it begins to turn on. This can take 10 seconds to see something on the screen. To turn it off you will hold that same power button until you see some options on the screen. One of those options will be to power off the tablet. I would like to know what issues you are running into when turning it on/off?


The Chinese characters that you see are very puzzling. Does anything trigger those characters to show on the screen? How do you get rid of them and get the tablet functioning again?

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