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Why are laptops with BBY model number cheaper?

I'm looking at gaming laptops and I noticed two Alienware R3's with similar configurations but different prices.  One has a typical Alienware model number AW15R3-7376SLV-PUS and the other is a BBY model number BBY-FTWJ0FX.  Everything looks the same except the BBY model has a larger hard drive and yet it is $100 cheaper.  


Not that I'm complaining, but why would it be cheaper if it is the same except for having a bigger hard drive?  Shouldn't it be more expensive?  Does it come with different accessories or is it missing something that isn't listed in the specs?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Why are laptops with BBY model number cheaper?

Some people have found that it's the way the material is constructed for the price difference. Others may find that the processor is the same inside of the computer but may be a previous generation model of the component.


Kind of varies.

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