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Where is the Win 10 Driver for NS-PU99501?

I just purchased a NS-PU99501 USB-to-RS232 Serial Adapter cable from Best Buy. My Windows 10 computer did not autoload the drivers for some reason. Following the instructions in the user manual, I went to and searched for NS-PU99501, found the product page, and clicked on 'Support and Downloads'. There is a driver listed, but just for MAC. There is no Windows driver. This product must be so hot off the presses from the Chinese factory that they haven't time to post the driver for it.

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Re: Where is the Win 10 Driver for NS-PU99501?

What happened when the drivers attempted to upload? If this is a laptop, could you take it to Best Buy to have the Geek Squad take a crack at getting the adapter to work with the computer?