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What type of laptop should i buy if i'm a student of Junior High???


So, i'm in a big trouble in 3 days is my birthday so i'm gonna get a laptop for my school.

What type of laptop should i buy?

My limit is 700$.

Thanks 8)

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Re: What type of laptop should i buy if i'm a student of Junior High???

If it's for school, you will want to allow a budget that also allows you to purchase a Microsoft Office subscription card to help you focus on your studies. I know it's an extra purchase but you're going to kick yourself in the pants if you don't plus you're a student so you qualify for discount pricing.


Are you focusing on education using your laptop or are you allowing some room to game? There are decent machines in that range that have the latest generation Core i5 processors which do a great job of everything as long as you don't set your gaming expectations too high (ex purchase a laptop, expect it to run XBOX One quality gaming)

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Re: What type of laptop should i buy if i'm a student of Junior High???

Unless your going to game then for junior high the reality is you do not need a big powerful machine.  You may want to use it to help create reports with photos but MS Paint should work fine.



However, I would recommend a laptop that runs full Windows 10. As Hocky... indicated it would allow you to run MS Office.  You may also be able to get a full version at Student Prices. 


I would not go smaller than a 15" screen.  Prolonged research in a tiny screen gets frustrating.


Best Buy has a lot of good  laptops in the $350 to $600 range. 


Be aware many new laptops today do not come with a DVD drive.  This is a bonus becuase it reduces weight. It is a negative becuase if you get software that comes on DVD you need an external drive. 



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Re: What type of laptop should i buy if i'm a student of Junior High???

I wanted to suggest something slightly different. With the public education system starting to go to smart boards and using more technology devices such as ipads and other tablets you should also consider something more portable. You may also want to take into consideration if your school is allowing students to access their networks as such. I know out where I live students can bring their own devices however they are responsible for them and they do not get access to their wireless network. You have to be on a school device to have the school wireless network access. Strange right? Well for the most part makes sense I guess from a security standpoint considering most devices are defaulted back to a certain stage or set preset factory settings every so often anyway for security purposes.

Where was I I got off topic? Oh yes! So I wanted to suggest something like a 2 in 1 similar to this (I just like HP that's why I suggested this)

Alternatively, there are several IOS tablets which may be a good fit for students. You should consider also reaching out to your teachers and other people in the school students and adults alike to get an idea of what software they use and expect the children to know. For example, I have a relative who in one class used Google Slides literally every week while her other classes used Microsoft Powerpoint. Because of this she had to actually purchase the powerpoint app from the Apple Store to help keep up.

So a lot of factors can go into your choice. Do your research!
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