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I have a laptop "server" that will be updating 80 tablets with several dozen small files (say 100 files totaling 10MB going to each tablet) a couple of times a day. The tablets and a router will all be in a 2,500 square foot room. I would like to put the laptop in an adjacent room separated by a two foot thick stone wall (may have to use an ethernet cable from the laptop to the router?). I'm looking for a wifi router that can handle this and am considering the Linksys AC 3200. Any recommendations or advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Router

What is your budget? I hace the LinkSys EA 9500 router and its very solid performance wise for everything your router can throw itself at. Has lots of antennas too. If the space range is a concern, consider getting ethernet adapters that repeat the signal over your power line.

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Re: Router

The router your looking at is more of a home or gaming router. To connect 80 tablets at a time your going to want to look into a Business Access Point.  


Most of your home routers can accomidate about 32 connections per band. However the more connections you have the slower it will be for everyone. 


You may want to look at something like a Netgear WAC740

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Re: Router

Thanks. I'll look into the WAC740. That's the kind of info I need.