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Retired Guy New Laptop



I am still learning about computers. I am retired as my topic is titled. I use my current laptop for multimedia and research. I would like to invest in top of the line PhotoShop software and a new laptop that can run it with ease. I will be needing a printer also. I have grandchildren so you should understand why I am wanting to buy and learn some PhotoShop skills. I would prefer a large laptop over a desktop because of media use during travel. Can anyone suggest the best 17" laptop, PhotoShop Software, printer, and paper so I can preserve memories and learn some tech skills? Any advice is welcomed. 




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Re: Retired Guy New Laptop

Sounds like what is happening to you is what happened to my father.  He fell in photography and now takes thousands of pictures a year. 


As far as software goes I would look to either Adobe Photoshop Lightroom or CorelDraw.  Both are outstanding photo editing software.


For a laptop I would suggest looking into a 17" as the larger screen will be more rewarding for photo editing.

I would also suggest getting what Best Buy terms as a Gaming Laptop. Not that you need it for gaming but the Gaming Laptops will be built more for graphics and processing power. Which will help a lot with your photos.


Youl wil also want to make sure it has enough storage space for your photos. It is a trend of laptops to go towards SSD drives, whihc are fast but tend to be smaller.  The one I have linked below has really decent specs all around. 


The one linked below I think would be a good fit. 


HP Omen



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