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Resell value on new macbook

I have a question. I bought a brand new mac book pro 13 inch (no touch bar, official price 1300 dollars) a week ago. My friend today throw a car keys on the bed and it hit the laptop and left 3 dots new to keyboard. I am a bit of perfectionist and I dont like it. Its noticable if you are user but from little far you cant see it.
I want to know if Best Buy can buy back the laptop and for what price (if its possible).
Laptop is in perfect condition, like I said bought week ago except those 3 dots.
Eventually i would get a new one again from Best Buy.
Hope to hear from you soon,
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Re: Resell value on new macbook

As long as it's not the screen, it may pass for like new condition, but you would have to use the Best Buy trade in estimator to make that determination.


All final calls are at the discretion of Customer Service and the buy back team at your local store.



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