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Questions About Insignia Flex 11.6 Tablet Before I Buy

Hi, so after hours of searching and research I believe I have decided to purchase the Insignia Flex 11.6 Tablet but before I buy I just had a few questions.

1.) On the micro sd slot, How much can I expand the memory to

2.) Can I downgrade back to Windows 10 After I Buy ( I HATE Windows 10!!! )

3.) Im a Musician so a lot of my use is going to be onstage reading lyrics so what application/program would be best for that. ( Im thinking maybe something like power point )


Thanks in advance for your responce. -Hodgexx

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Re: Questions About Insignia Flex 11.6 Tablet Before I Buy

Hello Hodgexx,

Welcome to Community@ Insignia™!

The microSD card slot is explandable to 128 GBs.


At this time, we do not have anything in place to downgrade the windows version. These are being made with Windows 10 so I would not recommend trying to install another OS. 

I do not have a recommendation for which software to use. Other users may be more familiar with this. 


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