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Question about upgraqding computer ram memory



Just a quick question. I was hoping I could get some information from someone a little more knowledgable about laptop Memory. I was wondering what brand is compatible with my laptop. Also how much of an upgrade I should make. I have a

Toshiba Satellite

model: C855D-S5359


With 4gb total memory currently


The second question would be how much memory I should get. How much of a difference would it make between having 8gb total or 16gb total. I appreciate any help. Thanks.


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Re: Question about upgraqding computer ram memory

I would  suggest by starting out at


to find out exaclty what memory is good for your laptop.


Best Buy should carry what you need.


If your unconfortable adding memory I would suggest having Geek Squad do it.'''



Right now your computer should be set up with 4 GB of DDR3 1066MHZ RAM. It has two slots and both slots should be full. You can upgrade to a max of 16 GB.  With the cost of todays memory that should be very affordable. 


I would suggest buying 2 x 8 GB DDR3 1066MHZ RAM


Two of these should work for you

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Re: Question about upgraqding computer ram memory

Be careful when upgrading your memory. Some of those Toshiba laptops have very hard memory bays to work with, I have experience with it and two of my friends laptops which was that brand and there was very tight space to work with.

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Re: Question about upgraqding computer ram memory

Also, according to your model number, that unit has an e1 cpu. That is a budget cpu, adding a bunch of ram probably will.not help much in the way of performance.