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PC Upgrading Basics

Are you interested in upgrading your computer, but aren’t sure where to start or what you should upgrade? Perhaps you just want to learn more about the job of individual components in your computer? Look no further than our handy Computers & Tablets FAQ, and the Upgrading your Computer Article! Still, have questions? Feel free to post, and our fantastic community members will be happy to offer their advice! 

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Re: PC Upgrading Basics

That is really a great couple of references for people. Thanks for sharing.


People can often save a bit of money by doing some simple upgrade on their computer and really extend the life of their system.


I had a computer at one time I used for nearly 6 years of gaming simply because I could add on a larger disk drive, a faster graphics card and more memory. 


And Best Buy carries all the essential pieces to get this done. Though, if your uncomfortable doing the upgrade I would fully recommend getting Geek Squad involved.  They  do a quick and efficient service. 

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Re: PC Upgrading Basics

Referencing to the specs and researching your specific products are very important. Also knowing your tower size and dimensions can be quite useful.

What an excellent group of FAQs for those wanting to upgrade.
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