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NS-P08W7100: Drivers For Creating an Emergency Recovery USB Drive.

Are the drivers for the NS-P08W7100 still available? I had to reload the drivers to my Microsoft Surface 3 due to problems loading drivers for an older HP laser printer. So, I currently have a recovery USB for my Surface 3 and for my Surface Pro 3.


I can't seem to locate the drivers for the NS-P08W7100 though. The only documentation available on the tablet's page is a PDF for a different tablet.


I do understand that the tablet is discontinued and that it is a low price item (as tablets and computers go).


Still, it would be nice to be able to have the ability to revive the unit should it run into problems.


If all else fails, could the drivers from any other Insignia Windows tablet be substituted, or, is the NS-P08W7100 going to be a lost cause & a candidate for the recycling bin if it develops a problem outside of the Windows 10 Home drvers?