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My Flex tablet is burned up?

So I bought my husband a Insignia Flex 10.1 a few months ago and he loved it. We a few weeks ago bought a couple of Micro SD cards on sale I think it was at Wal-Mart. He put the SD card in and within a few mins. the tablet started smoking right where the Micro SD card went in. My husband immediately shut off his tablet and tried to remove the SD card but it wouldn’t budge (all the while the tablet is still smoking) he finally had to pry the back off the tablet to remove the card which looked melted on the corner of it which is about the spot that looked to be what was stuck inside the tablet. The table does have a small burn looking mark around where the sd card would be usually sitting. We have tried to charge it before trying to power it on but nothing ive tried turning it on while plugged into charger and nothing. It's obvious something went very wrong just not sure what exactly happened It won’t vibrate, light up....nothing there is no life at all. I guess my question is this. Who do i go after for the problem? The company that made the SD card or Insignia? I’ve attached pics of the card and the tablet. Anyone that has any info as to what I should do please please let me know.