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Macbook Pro 2015 or 2016?

Hi! I recently purchased a Macbook Pro from a nearby Best Buy store. It was my first Mac purchase and I was very excited. I was helped by a nice associate but he failed to mention the fact that he was selling me an older model. He definitely made it sound like I was getting the latest one and when I got on the internet later on that night, I discovered I indeed had not. So, I was disappointed because making a big purchase like a laptop you don't want to begin with an outdated model. My question is - is it worth it for me to return the Pro 2015 to buy the Pro 2016? What are the differences and will I be glad I exchanged this one for the one $450 more? I would appreciate any advice!!!

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Re: Macbook Pro 2015 or 2016?

Also, the newer one is 256GB of flash storagae vs. only 125GB with the one I purchased.

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Re: Macbook Pro 2015 or 2016?

Hi vthokie2014 –


It’s tough to make a recommendation without knowing which SKU MacBook Pro you purchased. However you should be able to compare the model you purchased compared to the latest model MacBook Pro by viewing each of them found on our MacBook Pro Product Page.



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Re: Macbook Pro 2015 or 2016?

If u remember correctly the 2016 model was the first mac consumer reports didn't like due to battery issues.
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Re: Macbook Pro 2015 or 2016?

Quick changes

2016 Changes over 2015
- Screen is brighter
- Screen displays more colors
- Keyboard is switch to the butterfly switches. Less key press travel distance, slight click when pressed.
- Battery is much bigger on the 2015. 60W for 13" and 85W for 15" vs the current 54.5W battery for 13" and 49.2W for the 15". That'll make a significant difference.
- Upgraded CPU from Haswell chip to Skylake CPU. Good upgrade, more power efficient.
- Bigger trackpad. Slightly bigger than a large smart phone.

Biggest change:
- All ports removed. 4x USB-C ports and 1 Headphone jack.

No more Magsafe
No more SD Card
No more USB-A (normal square USB)
No more Thunderbolt 2

You get some better internals, and a brighter more colorful screen, but in turn you won't be able to plug in any of your old stuff, unless you buy adapters.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Macbook Pro 2015 or 2016?

They're both current models and there's not a drastic change in specsfor what the average person's going to use it for.  If you have to have the latest and greatest hardware, you'll like the 2016 model.  The USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports get a bad wrap but to be fair in the next 5 years, all laptops will most likely go to this type of setup, as you can literally adapt any connector to USB-C/Thunderbolt.  It's just for the time being, because most of your accessories and other devices use the older USB-A, you will most likely have to buy adapters (and they just increased the prices on said adapters mid-April).  These also feature louder speakers, better keyboard backlighting, better display and they're lighter weight (even though they cut the weight the battery remains the same). 


The 2015 MacBook Pro is going to be your go-to model if you want "all the traditional ports" but note that it comes with added weight and dimensions and the storage amount is 1/2 of what's available on the most common 2016 MacBook Pro models.  So in the same sense as you would most likely need adapters with the 2016 model MacBook Pro, you would most likely end up lugging around a portable external hard drive with this model due to low storage (about 110GB is free out-of-the-box after loading the operating system and all pre-installed apps; this only goes down as you use the computer more --  saving files and installing software/apps). 

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Re: Macbook Pro 2015 or 2016?

They got rid of a lot of the "extras" that were useful in the 2016 one. In my personal opinion even though the CPU was upgraded I am not sure I would go with such an upgrade. I would stick to the 2015 version unless you absolutely need the extra processing power.
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