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Looking for a good tablet option???

Looking for a good tablet option for my wife. To surf internet , play games etc. But not expensive price. I know pads are the  best. But Looking To see what else is out there.

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Re: Looking for a good non-iPad tablet option

I don't have enough experience to comment on the Android products. But don't count out the very affordable Playbook.

  • 7" screen is very portable to take around the house.  You might even be able to fit it in your pocket.
  • flash support means I can enjoy more websites than the iPad without needing to wait for an App
  • dual stereo speakers means YouTube and home videos sound excellent without the need for external speakers
  • You can bridge it to your Blackberry phone and use the phone as a larger screen.
  • Starting at $199.  The Playbook is almost 1/3 the cost an iPad!



Model: PRD-38548-001 | SKU: 2265381

This tablet features BlackBerry e-mail, calendar, BBM, tasks, documents and more along with a 7" LCD touch-screen display for easy navigation of features. The 16GB internal memory offers ample space for media storage. Business customer? If you need 10 or more BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, order by calling Best Buy for Business at 1-866-515-6713 (Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–6:30 p.m. CT) or visit Watch a video overview of BlackBerry OS .

Sale: $199.99




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Re: Looking for a good non-iPad tablet option

The OP mentioned gaming....not something that there is a lot of on the playbook...

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