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Lenovo netbook with 32 GB can't install Windows update.

I bought a Lenovo netbook with 32 GB disk space. Windows wants to install an update that requires 8 GB but I only have 1.5 GB free in the 32 GB space. Even if I remove all of my user files, there would not be 8 GB available.


How can I install the update?



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Re: Lenovo netbook with 32 GB can't install Windows update.

I really wish Lenovo, HP, and everyone else didn't make Windows 10 laptops with 32GB of storage. As you're seeing now, Windows 10 and it's updates take up so much space that you're eventually not going to be able to install updates at all.

What you can do is download Windows 10 to a flash drive by using the tool here :

You can then boot up from the flash drive and perform a clean Windows 10 installation. This will wipe EVERYTHING off of your computer, install a clean copy of Windows 10 as well as the latest "update pack" for Windows 10. By loading form the flash drive, you are avoiding Windows having to create a "Windows.old" folder on the computer which contains a lot of data if you decide to rollback to before the update took place. This folder takes up a lot of room and can fill the drive up to the point where it has no more room for the update.

However, there will eventually be a point where you won't be able to install Windows 10 as it'll take more than 32gb total. There really are no cheap alternatives here with the design of the laptop. You could buy an SD card to expand the storage space of the computer, but you could only use this expanded space for your personal files/data and not the Windows files you're looking to update.
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Re: Lenovo netbook with 32 GB can't install Windows update.

I have the same Lenovo Ideapad as you. You will need a flash drive to do the update. It takes a long time to complete but it will finish. 


To get more technical, I opted for a power user solution, downloading a Windows 10 April 2018 ISO, burning it to disk, and then doing a fresh install of the OS. 

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