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Looking for a mid-priced laptop to use for e-mail, watching you tube videos, internet searches, and some accounting work. I prefer something that loads fast. Can anyone recommend something? I'm weary of the ultra books, which I love for their portability, but for me the battery seems hard to replace.
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Re: Laptop

I really enjoy having a laptop that will start of up and be ready to go quickly.  From the time I hit the start button to being able to do something is about 10 seconds.


What allows that to happen is a Solid State Drive often referred to as an SSD

However, at this point in time these machines tend to be more expensive.


Take a look at the Lenovo Yoga


They are great for extreamly portable laptops that actually run on Windows. 


the HP Pavilions may also be a good fit for you.


If you are willing to sacrifice loading speed for affordability and portability the 


HP Stream may be a good fit.  Keeping in mind the Stream is designed to be use for social media, YouTube, searches. They have almost no storage capacity but would be more intended for onlline apps like Google Docs or Office 360


One of my favorite all around ultra portable laptops is the Microsoft Surface.  My daugher has one and loves it.


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Re: Laptop

To also provide an alternative to the great suggestions already listed. Have you considered a lower priced macbook? IOS has superior battery life so may be ideal if you do a lot of binge-youtube or just do a lot of use in a days time.

If you don't use the laptop too overly much though a Windows laptop would probably be more ideal for the specs itself.
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