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Laptop Clearing

My laptop is just at the seams to bursting with memory i have so many problems and i can't update my itunes because it has no space to have the update, so I wanna know how much would it be to bring my laptop to a store and have someone completely clear it out. i already put ALL my files on flash drives and i don't care if i have to completely reset my laptop to it's like factory settings just to get rid of any unnessecary data.

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Re: Laptop Clearing

I have been down this road a number of times.


However, completly clearing your memory could or would wipe your operating system and leave you with a plastic box.


Try this first.

Start your computer

Open windows Explorer

Right Click on your C: Drive

Click on Properties.

A window will pop up showing you how much used and free space you have. I am assuming your free space is almost non existent at this time.

There should be a button under the General Tab that says Disk Cleanup. Press that.

A disk cleanup window will appear and will run. When it is done a new window will appear. Check all the boxes in that new window. It will show you how much space you are going to gain. Press OK and it will free some space.


Next clear your browser history and cache.

If using Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox press CTRL-H

In Firefox on the left and Internet Explorer on the right will be a history window.  Select and delete all the historys.

In Chrome a new tab will appear and indicate Clear Browsing History. Press that.

A new window will appear.  Make sure to uncheck the passwords option.

Clear history from the beginning of time.

Then do what I suggested first and see how much space you have.


If you are still at a low percent look for programs you can uninstall.


If you uninstall programs run the disk cleanup again.



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Re: Laptop Clearing

As far as Geek Squad services I would suggest checking their main webpage here for contact and other information pertaining to your problem.

link here:

I do know they also offer a remote service. By the sounds of it they may or may not be able to help you remotely with this issue but it never hurts to try something like this

link here:
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