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Kindle Fire will not charge

Recently my kindle decided that it did not want to charge. I tried doing a hard shut down, but that didn't work. I don't know what else to try. Also, my kindle was a gift from my Aunt. She bought the warranty with it but she does not know where her papers for it are. How could we get the information on the warranty plan she purchased?She doesn't remember.

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Re: Kindle Fire will not charge

Hello vanbond13!


I hope you are enjoying your Kindle Fire. Can you please describe your peoblem with a little more details? When you try to charge it are you charging it with your computer or the wall charger? Does the kindle recognise that it is being charged when plugged in?


You could have a short in the charging cord. You may simply need to replace the power cord. If this is not the issue I would take it to your local Best Buy and see if the Geek Squad can diagnose your porblem. If your device is in fact defective your product will either be repaired or replaced under the Geek Squad Protection. All Best Buy needs to look up your waranty information is the phone number your aunt used when she purchased the plan.

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Re: Kindle Fire will not charge

I also have the same problem. My kindle fire will not charge and I have tried a different charger as well as different outlets in the house. This all took place about four days ago. It was a gift from my son & I didn't have the warranty info or receipt but my son told me Best Buy would have the info which they did. The problem is even tho my son bought an extra year's warranty....both the manufacturer's & Best Buy's warranty expired "six" days before my kindle died. Best Buy will not replace it. I have to say I'm very disappointed because I had heard such good things about how they are so willing to make their customers happy. Not true in my case!
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Re: Kindle Fire will not charge

I have a fire that I bought last December (16) but the battery will not charge, I plug it in and it shows that it is charging but the battery keeps getting lower and lower and now it is too low for the kindle to even turn on, I have tried both a wall and computer USB but neither works 

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Re: Kindle Fire will not charge

Are you using the stock charger to charge your fire or are you using a third party charger? I've had my 8gb tablet I purchased in 2016 directly from Amazon and still works great today. If you have a warranty for it, you may want to contact Amazon about getting a replacement if it's not too late. I'm not sure of their warranty, however.

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