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Is there a way to transfer my info to a new IPad?

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Re: Is there a way to transfer my info to a new IPad?

Hi SueDempster,

Welcome to the fbestbuy forums! You ask a very interesting question. One that I have had to do myself a couple of times. There is this feature called the ICloud.

It stores your photos, contacts, that type of thing. It's very useful to go from Ipad to Ipad and I believe there is a Ipad to even Windows available program out there (could be wrong been a while )

As far as actual documents like Microsoft Word to Ipad I am not sure how that works. I know you can save a like PDF's through email to go to your "reading" app. I don't believe the reading app saves to iCloud though.
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Re: Is there a way to transfer my info to a new IPad?

Hello SueDempster,

As AWBrown stated, iCloud would be my first suggestion, but if you're not an iCloud user, you can also use iTunes on your PC/Mac. It's a free download and once you get it installed, simply hook the old iPad up to the computer using the included cable and with iTunes up and running, navigate over to File > Devices > Back Up and wait for this to finish (progress bar will show in the main part of the iTunes window). When that's finished, connect the new iPad to the computer and go to File > Devices > Restore. Keep in mind, if you require more in-depth support, all new Apple devices come with 90 days of AppleCare (1-800-275-2273) or you can reach them at Best of luck!