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Insignia Tablet Connects to Wifi, not to Internet

My boyfriend has an Insignia tablet he uses at my house.  It used to work on the Internet just fine, but now no web pages will load.  It connects to my Wi-fi network okay.  The admin page for my router says it is an allowed object and the tablet's MAC address shows up in the list of connected devices.  But when I launch Chrome, no pages will load.  After about a minute trying, it returns a "Web page not available" error.  This is very odd because it used to work here no problem.  It also works fine at his house, the Best Buy store, and a Starbucks.  I've tried removng the tablet from the list of allowed devices and re-adding it, shutting down the Norton firewall, rebooting both my routers, and trying both the 2G and 5G connections.  Nothing works.  All my Apple wireless devices connect and work fine.  The tablety is a model NS-14T004 tablet, Android version 4.1.1, Build # JRO03C.1.3.0.  Any suggestions appreciated.

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Re: Insignia Tablet Connects to Wifi, not to Internet

Android JellyBean is an older OS and may not be supported by the routers. Can you verify that the two routers will support it?